Session 43. Optimisation of sheep and goats production systems: strategies for sustainable and resilient agroecosystems

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Theatre Session

Bench-testing future systems: combining genetics, nutrition and farm types to predict outcomes
L. Puillet

Sheep farming systems in Italian Eastern Alps and their relationships with agroecosystems
M. Teston, E. Benedetti Del Rio, L. Cei, P. Gatto, E. Defrancesco and E. Sturaro

Needs of the sheep industry regarding health and nutrition management in Europe, UK and Turkey
R.J. Ruiz, I. Beltrán De Heredia, A. Carta, B. Fanca, T.W.J. Keady, C. Lidga, I. Monori, C. Morgan-Davies, S. OcAk and P.G. Grisot

Assessing heat tolerance in dairy sheep – production vs physiology
M.J. Carabaño, C. Díaz, M.D. Pérez-Guzmán and M. Ramón

Exploring the effects of innovations on the sustainability of sheep farming systems in Spain
A. Tenza-Peral, D. Villalba, T. Rodríguez-Ortega and A. Bernués

Effects of lactation stage, parity and season on goat milk quality in alpine area
T. Zanon and M. Gauly

Socio-economic drivers of farmer participation in livestock breeding for heat tolerance
D. Martin-Collado, C. Diaz, A. Iglesias, M.J. Milan, M. Ramon, M. Sanchez and M.J. Carabaño

Effect of farm typology on the sustainability of goat farms in Spain
A. Belanche, J. Fernandez, A.I. Martin-Garcia and D.R. Yanez-Ruiz

Exploring the impact of within flock variability on hormone-free dairy sheep farm performances
E. Laclef, N. Debus, P. Taillandier, E. Gonzalez-Garcia and A. Lurette

Effect of production system on quality of lamb meat from eight European breeds
U. Gonzales-Barron, G. Santos-Rodrigues, R.P. Bermúdez, S. Coelho-Fernandes, K. Osoro, R. Celaya, R.S. Maurício, J. Pires, A. Tolsdorf, A. Geb, F. Chiesa, M. Pateiro, A. Brugiapaglia, R. Bodas, M. Baratta, J.M. Lorenzo and V.A.P. Cadavez

Effects of grass silage quality and sheep breed on enteric methane emissions from ewes
B.A. Åby, I. Dønnem, J. Jakobsen and G. Steinheim

Selfmedicative behaviour: alteration in feed preferences of GIN-infected Boer goats
M. Heuduck, C. Strube, K. Raue, E. Schlecht and M. Gerken

Poster Session

First estimations of methane emissions using Sheep GreenFeed in the Romane breed
A. Rozier, D. François, D. Maupetit, Y. Legoff and F. Tortereau

Greensheep LIFE: finding common methods to estimate environmental impact from sheep farms
A.S. Atzori, C. Buckley, M. Decandia, O. Del Hierro, C. Dragomir, K. Hanrahan, T.M.J. Keady, R. Ruiz, A. Vigan, R. Bodas, J.B. Dolle and S. Moreau

Carbonsheep: a GIS tool to benchmark and spatialize the carbon footprint of sheep farms
A.S. Atzori, M.F. Lunesu, P. Sau, D. Pili, A. Cannas and M.T. Pacchioli

Effects of some climatic factors on water consumption in Boer goats
O.S. Voia, D. Slaughter, S.E. Erina and L.T. Cziszter