Session 44. PLF methods for measuring health, welfare and caring for individual animals

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Theatre Session

Automated animal-based measures of poultry welfare for precision livestock farming
L. Asher

Automated assessment of broiler resource-use via computer vision
J.A.J. Van Der Eijk, O. Guzhva, A. Voss, T. Almekinders, H. Gunnink, S. Melis, M.F. Giersberg and I.C. De Jong

Feet control: reliability of an automatic system to assess foot pad dermatitis at the slaughterhouse
J. Stracke, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

Effect of farm on milk yield characteristics during mastitis at farms with automatic milking systems
L. D’Anvers, M. Gote, Y. Song, K. Geerinckx, I. Van Den Brulle, S. De Vliegher, B. Aernouts and I. Adriaens

Use of infrared thermography and rectal thermometer to measure body temperature of gestating sows
M. Durand, D. Renaudeau and C. Gaillard

Analysis of daily rumination time under heat stress of lactating dairy cows
T. Müschner-Siemens, J. Heinicke, G. Hoffmann, C. Ammon and T. Amon

Estimating sickness-probabilities for identifying dairy cows at risk of disease
I. Dittrich, M. Gertz, B. Maassen-Francke, K. Grosse-Butenuth, W. Junge and J. Krieter

Measurement of the dielectric constant for hyperkeratosis detection in the teat of dairy cows
S. Demba, G. Hoffmann, C. Ammon and S. Rose

Multivariate analysis of milk parameter dynamics for healthy dairy cows and during clinical mastitis
M.J. Gote, L. D’Anvers, Y. Song, I. Van Den Brulle, K. Geerinckx, S. De Vliegher, B. Aernouts and I. Adriaens

External validation of PLF technologies with application for animal-based dairy welfare assessment
A.H. Stygar, Y. Gómez, G.V. Berteselli, E. Dalla Costa, E. Canali, J.K. Niemi, P. Llonch and M. Pastell

Influence of environmental risk factors on coughing frequency on a respiratory disease-free pig farm
J. Pessoa, E. Garcia Manzanilla, C. McAloon, T. Norton and L. Boyle

Poster Session

Circadian rhythm of temperature, heart rate and activity of cattle grazing under different densities
C. Palacios and J.A. Abecia

Using an accelerometer based on inertial measurement unit to evaluate the sexual activity of the ram
M. Alhamada, E. Gonzalez-Garcia, N. Debus, A. Lurette, J.B. Menassol and F. Bocquier

Early mastitis detection in cows using 3D motions sensors
G. Grodkowski, T. Szwaczkowski, K. Koszela, W. Mueller, K. Tomaszyk, T. Baars and T. Sakowski

Identifying and characterizing disturbances from high-throughput phenotyping data
V.L. Le, I.D. David and T.R. Rohmer

Automated area of interest and feature extraction from thermal images for cattle lameness monitoring
I. Hulsegge, A. Van Breukelen, R. Petie, J. Gonsalez and C. Kamphuis