Session 45. Free communications in animal genetics

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Theatre Session

A genetic study of temperament in American Angus heifers and cows
A.B. Alvarenga, H.R. Oliveira, S.P. Miller, K. Retallick and L.F. Brito

Genomic loci for uterine diseases in Holstein cows and impact on milk production and fertility
K. May, L. Sames, C. Scheper and S. König

The impact of sub-clinical mastitis infections on technological traits in Holstein cattle
S. Pegolo, R. Tessari, V. Bisutti, E. Fiore, M. Gianesella, D. Giannuzzi, S. Schiavon, L. Gallo, E. Trevisi, P. Ajmone Marsan, R. Negrini and A. Cecchinato

Genetic association between direct and indirect measures of IgG concentration in bovine colostrum
A. Costa, A. Goi, M. Franzoi, G. Visentin, M. De Marchi and M. Penasa

Studying relationships between production traits in Holstein Friesian using structural equations
M. Jakimowicz, T. Suchocki, A. Żarnecki, M. Skarwecka and J. Szyda

Stability of breeding values in the genomic era
D. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, J. Hidalgo and I. Misztal

Design of breeding programs for Butana cattle using a stochastic simulation approach
E.A.M. Omer, R. Roessler and D. Hinrichs

A strategy for maximizing genetic diversity in the first generations of a pig synthetic line
A. Ganteil, T. Pook, S.T. Rodriguez-Ramilo, B. Ligonesche and C. Larzul

Genetic parameters for growth rate in Danish organic pigs
T.M. Villumsen, T.T. Chu, R.M. Zaalberg and J. Jensen

Selection for environmental variance of litter size modified the cecum metabolomic profile
C. Casto-Rebollo, M.J. Argente, M.L. García, A. Blasco and N. Ibáñez-Escriche

Impact of genetic and environmental covariance between dam and offspring on predictive ability
H. Romé, T.T. Chu, D. Marois, C.H. Huang, P. Madsen and J. Jensen

Poster Session

Age of cows, as a factor shaping the level of immunostimulating properties of colostrum
K. Puppel, G. Grodkowski, P. Solarczyk, P. Kostusiak, M. Klopčič, K. Grodkowska and T. Sakowski

Estimation of effects of pathways on dairy cattle stature using GWAS summary statistics
B. Kosinska-Selbi, T. Suchocki, Z. Cai, G. Sahana and J. Szyda

Genetic parameters of maternal traits recorded in beef cattle progeny test stations
S. Taussat, A. Govignon-Gion, L. Izard, S. Stamane, A. Michenet, P. Martin and S. Fritz

Influence of intensity of selection on the accuracy of genomic breeding values – a simulation study
S. Andonov and D.J. De Koning

Efficiency of genomic selection for fibre traits in alpacas
B. Mancisidor, A. Cruz, G. Gutiérrez, A. Burgos, J. Moron, M. Wurzinger and J.P. Gutiérrez

Genetic diversity analysis at LALBA gene promoters in domestic camelids
A.A.S. Mohammed, C. Versace, G. Gaspa and A. Pauciullo

Analysis of chromosome abnormalities in Murrah buffalo secondary oocytes by tri-colour FISH
C. Versace, J.H. Shang, L.Y. Li, A. Perucatti and A. Pauciullo

CLARITY: an R-shiny app to explore the combined physical-genetic map in Holstein cattle
N. Melzer, S. Qanbari and D. Wittenburg

A new candidate region associated with the appearance of wattless in Mangalitsa pig
M. Zorc, D. Škorput, K. Gvozdanović, R. Savić, Č. Radović, M. Škrlep, M. Čandek Potokar and P. Dovč

The long non-coding RNAs recognition and diversity analysis across different pigs breed and tissue
K. Żukowski, A. Bąk, K. Ropka-Molik and K. Piórkowska

In vivo estimation of body composition of crossbreed beef cattle using ultrasound measurements
R. Siegenthaler, I. Morel, C. Xavier, F. Dohme-Meier and S. Lerch

Similarities between Mendelian sampling values in a large commercial cattle population
A.A. Musa, N. Frioni, D. Segelke and N. Reinsch

Chicken model to study the epigenetic impact and inheritance thereof
M. Bednarczyk, E. Grochowska, A. Dunisławska and K. Stadnicka

Genomic PCA – a proxy for monitoring genetic connectedness between flocks (case study on sheep)
A. Kasap, J. Ramljak and M. Špehar

Negative impact of single and double stranded sperm DNA damage in in vitro fertilization in pig
J. Ribas-Maynou, Y. Mateo-Otero, A. Delgado-Bermudez, S. Recuero, M. Llavanera and M. Yeste

Seeking for the inner potential: integration of geographic differentiation in domestication programs
L. Toomey, P. Fontaine and T. Lecocq

A CRISPR/Cas9 approach to confer viral resistance in pigs
J.-H. Soellner, H.J. Sake, A. Frenzel, R. Lechler, D. Hermann, W. Fuchs and B. Petersen

Effect of HOXA10 and HOXA11 genes polymorphisms on the size of reproductive organs in pigs
A. Mucha, M. Szyndler-Nędza, R. Tuz, K. Piórkowska, M. Małopolska and T. Schwarz

Multibreed genetic evaluation for Finnish beef cattle population
T.J. Pitkänen, M. Taskinen, E.A. Mäntysaari and M. Leino