Session 46. Pig free communications

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: E. F. Knol


Theatre Session 46

Chairs introduction and poster summary
Knol, E.F.

Is the inclusion of edge weights meaningful in the network analysis regarding a pig trade network?
Büttner, K.; Krieter, J.

Effects of weaning conditions on the evolution of piglet plasma concentration of vitamin E
Buchet, A.; Belloc, C.; Le Floc’h, N.; Merlot, E.

Investigating the efficacy of a Buttiauxella sp. phytase on P utilization in weaned piglets
Li, W.; Molist, F.; Dersjant-Li, Y.

Effects of physicochemical characteristics on in vitro and in vivo nutrient digestibility in pigs
Navarro, D.M.D.L.; Bruininx, E.M.A.M.; De Jong, L.; Stein, H.H.

Determination of threonine requirements for growing rabbits using plasma urea nitrogen level
Marín-García, P.J.

Deviations for sex and halothane genotypes subpopulations in the estimation of pork cuts composition
Daumas, G.; Monziols, M.

At-line carcass quality. NIRS determination of fat composition at Swiss commercial slaughterhouses
Ampuero Kragten, S.; Scheeder, M.; Müller, M.; Stoll, P.; Bee, G.

Effect of feeding biological treated rice straw on carcass characteristics and rabbits meat composit
Morad, A.A.A.; Abedo, A.A.; El Kady, R.I.; El Shahat, A.A.

Effect of linseed oil supplementation on carcass and some blood parameters in growing rabbits
El-Nomeary, Y.A.A.; Ibrahim,, S.A.; El Allawy, H.E.W.I.D.A.; Bakry, M.H.


Posters session 46

Breeding objectives of the traits for dam and sire pig breeds in integrated production system

Krupa, E.; Krupová, Z.; Žáková, E.; Wolfová, M.

Differentiation between domestic pigs and small wild boar based on growth hormone gene polymorphisms
Yoshikawa, S.; Maekawa, A.; Mizoguchi, Y.

Association between (PRLR) gene polymorphism and reproduction performance traits of Polish swine
Terman, A.; Polasik, D.; Korpal, A.; Woźniak, K.; Prüffer, K.; Żak, G.; Lambert, B.D

Expression of Wnt5a gene in porcine reproductive tissues at different stages of the cycle
Mucha, A.; Piórkowska, K.; Ropka-Molik, K.; Szyndler-Nędza, M.

Response to selection in a divergently experiment for birth weight environmental variability in mice
Formoso-Rafferty, N.; Cervantes, I.; Ibáñez-Escriche, N.; Gutiérrez, J.P.

Effect of feeding restriction strategies on growth performance and meat quality of gilts
Luo, X.; Brun, A.; Gispert, M.; Soler, J.; Esteve-Garcia, E.; Lizardo, R.; Font-I-Furnols, M.

Pork quality traits in Latvian White breed pig population
Paura, L.; Jonkus, D.; Degola, L.; Gramatina, I.

The effect of acidic marinades to the quality of the pork
Tänavots, A.; Põldvere, A.; Veri, K.; Kaart, T.; Kerner, K.; Torp, J.

Determination of N, P, K, Cu and Zn in pig manure at spreading in French pig farms
Dourmad, J.Y.; Levasseur, P.