Session 46. Use of genomic information

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Theatre Session

Genomic inbreeding and highly homozygous regions in Colombian Creole cattle populations
G. Mészáros, R.A. Martínez, C. Lucero, M. Naves and W.O. Burgos Paz

Preliminary analysis of ROH in two divergent lines of mouse selected for birth weight variability
C. Ojeda-Marin, I. Cervantes, N. Formoso-Rafferty, J.P. Gutiérrez and F. Goyache

High-density genome-wide association for variability of litter size in pigs
E. Sell-Kubiak, E.F. Knol and M.S. Lopes

Quantitative variation of male fertility in Brown Swiss cattle is shaped by autosomal recessive loci
M. Hiltpold, N.K. Kadri, F. Janett, U. Witschi, F. Schmitz-Hsu and H. Pausch

Dimensionality of genomic information and its impact on GWA and variant selection
S. Jang, S. Tsuruta, N. Leite, I. Misztal and D. Lourenco

Gradient boosting is a competitive method for genomic prediction of complex traits in outbred mice
B.C. Perez, M.C.A.M. Bink, G.A. Churchill and M.P.L. Calus

A 200K SNP-chip for endangered German Black Pied cattle (DSN)
G.B. Neumann, P. Korkuć, D. Arends, M. Wolf, K. May, S. Koenig and G.A. Brockmann

Estimation of dam line composition of 3-way crossbred broilers using genomic information
M.P.L. Calus, J.M. Henshall, R.J. Hawken and J. Vandenplas

Optimised core subset construction for the APY model
I. Pocrnic, F. Lindgren and G. Gorjanc

Using a priori biological information to evaluate the ability of BayesRC model in genomic prediction
B. Ali, P. Croiseau and F. Mollandin

Extension of Bayesian genomic prediction models for the integration of functional annotations
F. Mollandin, P. Croiseau and A. Rau

Long-term changes in the genome due to genomic selection
Y.C.J. Wientjes, P. Bijma, J. Van Den Heuvel, B.J. Zwaan, Z.G. Vitezica and M.P.L. Calus

Poster Session

The impact of parent-of-origin effects on the variation in milk production traits
R.E. Jahnel, I. Blunk, H. Täubert and N. Reinsch

Links between homozygosity and autozygosity in the major histocompatibility complex in dogs
M.H.G. Cartick, A. Geretschläger and G. Mészáros

Commercial crossbred data could be used for selection in pure lines with the help of DNA pooling
M.N. Aldridge, J. Marjanovic, J.M. Henshall, B. De Klerk, K. Peeters and Y. De Haas

Decay of accuracy of genomic predictions over time in broilers
J. Hidalgo, D. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, V. Breen, R. Hawken, M. Bermann and I. Misztal

Impact of integrating genomic data into fertility genetic evaluation in the Florida goat breed
C. Ziadi, E. Muñoz-Mejías, M. Sánchez, M.D. López and A. Molina

Classifying aneuploidy in genotype intensity data using deep learning
A.C. Bouwman, B. Hulsegge, J.M. Henshall, R.J. Hawken, R.F. Veerkamp, D. Schokker and C. Kamphuis

EuroGenomics SNP MACE – projecting national full reference SNP estimates to a common marker set
H. Kärkkäinen, V. Ducrocq, Z. Liu, S. Borchersen, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari