Session 47. What levers can be activated by stakeholders to promote the livestock transition?

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Theatre Session

How can participatory approaches help stakeholders to progress in monogastric productions?
B. Méda, I. Bouvarel and L. Fortun-Lamothe

Consumer perceptions of a multi-level animal welfare label in Germany
G. Busch, J. Praast and A. Spiller

Serious game: a cutting-edge tool for stakeholders to redesign livestock systems towards agroecology
J. Ryschawy, J. Faure, F. Moojen and V. Thénard

Identifying levers to transition to prudent antimicrobial use through multi-stakeholder Living Labs
M. Vaarst, F. Bonnet-Beaugrand, B. Oehen, H. Prinsen and A. Spaans

Green assets of equines in Europe: possible overview through the creation of a data collection tool
A. Rzekęć and C. Vial

Exploration of health practices in dairy farms: links with the farming system and work organization
V. Gotti, C. Manoli and B. Dedieu

Carbon neutral Brazilian beef: from the scientific concept to the world’s market
D.J. Bungenstab, F.V. Alves, R.G. Almeida, R.C. Gomes and M.C.M. MacEdo

Ecological transition in dairy territories: the role of collective brands sustainability standards
T.T.S. Siqueira, A. Gonçalves, M.M.D. Bouroullec and L. Mur

The role of certification in the transition towards a more sustainable livestock sector
E.M. De Olde and I.J.M. De Boer

Income over service life cost – a concept to calculate cost-benefit relationships of dairy cows
J. Habel, S. Hoischen-Taubner, E. Schwabenbauer, V. Uhlig, D. Möller and A. Sundrum

Poster Session

Animal farming acceptability: corporate sustainability projects must embrace a feed-land-fork vision
A.J. Escribano

Ensiling agro-industrial byproducts to use as feedstuffs for ruminants
M.T.P. Dentinho, K. Paulos, C. Costa, J.M. Costa, O. Moreira, S. Alves, E. Jeronimo and J. Santos-Silva

Process-based ‘dynamic energy budget’ metabolic theory for managing livestock growth and emissions
G.M. Marques, C.M.G.L. Teixeira, T. Sousa, T.G. Morais, R.F.M. Teixeira and T. Domingos

Biogas production from Azorean animal manure
S. Teixeira, C. Vouzela, J. Madruga and A. Borba

Farming methods information as food claim to counteract the negative image of foods of animal origin
A.J. Escribano