Session 48. Health and welfare of small ruminants

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: H.A.M. Spoolder


Theatre Session 48

Health and welfare challenges in small ruminant production systems
Invited Arsenos, G.I.

In vitro and in vivo responses of gastrointestinal sheep nematodes to marine macroalgae
Werne, S.; Heckendorn, F.; Roleda, M.Y.; Baumgartner, L.; Molina-Alcaide, E.; Drewek, A.; Lind, V.

Endoparasites in sheep and goats: prevalence and control strategies of mountain farms in Northern Italy
Lambertz, C.; Flach, L.; Poulopoulou, I.; Gauly, M.

A comparison of nonlinear models and their zero-inflated version for estimating heritability of tick-infestation on lambs
Sae-Lim, P.; Grøva, L.; Olesen, I.; Varona, L.

The Body Condition Score: a central tool to enhance sheep productivity
Gautier, J.M.; Sagot, L.; Valadier, C.

Effect of feeding probiotics (Pediococcus acidilactici & Saccharomyces boulardii) in suckled lambs
Komireddy Kondal Reddy


Posters session 48

Lameness of dairy ewes in practical conditions
Baranovič, Š.; Tančin, V.; Uhrinčať, M.; Mačuhová, L.

Effect of weaning system on milk production of ewes
Mačuhová, L.; Tančin, V.; Uhrinčať, M.; Mačuhová, J.; Margetín, M.

Factors affecting the viability and live weights of Cyprus Chios lambs from birth to weaning.
Hadjipavlou, G.; Pelekanou, A.; Papachristoforou, C.

Effects of sire breed on lamb survival under Eastern European low input production systems
Gavojdian, D.; Cziszter, L.T.

Scrapie prevention in Estonian sheep population
Sild, E.; Värv, S.; Viinalass, H.

Stress response to electroejaculation in untreated, sedated or anaesthetized goat bucks
Abril-Sánchez, S.; Crosignani, N.; Terrazas, A.; Silveira, P.; Damián, J.P.; Beracochea, F.; Ungerfeld, R.

Genetic diversity analysis of Khalkhali goats using cytochrome b gene
Hedayat Evrigh, N.; Dolati, V.