Session 48. Insects: standardisation and terminology

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Theatre Session

Black soldier fly larvae: standardized feed protocol development and evaluation
L. Gasco, D. Deruytter, A. Gligorescu, W. Yakti, C.L. Coudron, M. Meneguz, F. Grosso, M. Shumo, L. Frooninckx, I. Noyens, S. Bellezza Oddon, I. Biasato, T. Spranghers, G. Vandenberg, D.G.A.B. Oonincx and G. Bosch

Standardisation of yellow mealworm feed experiments: first tests and optimizing the protocol
M. Van Peer, C. Coudron, S. Berrens, D. Deruytter, A. Kingston-Smith and S. Van Miert