Session 49. Impact of selection methods and reproduction technologies on breeding programs

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Wall


Theatre Session 49

Optimum selection of core animals in the efficient inversion of the genomic relationship matrix
Bradford, H.L.; Pocrnic, I.; Fragomeni, B.O.; Lourenco, D.A.L.; Misztal, I.

Impact on European Cattle Breeding of Widespread Adoption of a Low-Density SNP Chip
Guldbrandtsen, B.; Mullaart, E.; Fritz, S.; De Roo, S.; Aamand, G.P.; David, X.; Jimenez, J.A.; Alkhoder, H.; Liu, Z.; Schrooten, C.; Zukowski, K.

Can single-step genomic BLUP account for causative variants?
Lourenco, D.A.L.; Fragomeni, B.O.; Masuda, Y.; Legarra, A.; Misztal, I.

Single- versus two step genomic evaluations over many generations
Schwarzenbacher, H.

The impact of genome editing on the introduction of monogenic traits in livestock
Bastiaansen, J.W.M.; Bovenhuis, H.; Groenen, M.A.M.; Megens, H.-J.; Mulder, H.A.

Benefit cost analysis of aquaculture breeding programs
Janssen, K.; Saatkamp, H.; Komen, H.

Challenges of implementing Optimum Contribution Selection in a regional cattle breed
Kohl, S.P.; Hamann, H.; Herold, P.

Genetic (co)variation of milk flow and milkability in first lactation Finnish Ayrshire cattle
Ewaoche, A.; Pösö, J.; Mäki-Tanila, A.

Genetic and genomic selection for oocyte production in Dutch Holsteins
Vosman, J.J.; Mullaart, E.; De Jong, G.

Effects of Conjugated linoleic acids supplementation on bovine sperm integrity and functionality
Liman, M.S.; Cardoso, C.L.; Gasparrini, B.; Franco, V.; Longobardi, V.; Esposito, G.

Improvement of DNA integrity in dog semen treated with different level of cholesterol loaded cyclode
Inanc, M.E.; Tekin, K.; Olgac, K.T.; Yilmaz, B.; Durmaz, E.; Tasdemir, U.; Tuncer, P.B.; Buyukleblebici, S.; Uysal, O.

Effect of rose pulp silage on sperm motility stored at  4 ⁰C  in yearling rams
Gungor, S.; Inanc, M.E.; Bugdayci, K.E.; Oguz, M.N.; Karakas Oguz, F.; Uysal, O.; Ozmen, O.; Ata, A.

Rose pulp silage could be improve on yearling  ram semen spermatological parameters
Bugdayci, K.E.; Gungor, S.; Inanc, M.E.; Oguz, M.N.; Karakas Oguz, F.; Ozmen, O.; Ata, A.

Optimum-contribution selection increases genetic gain in Atlantic salmon breeding schemes
Hillestad, B.; Henryon, M.


Posters session 49

Effect of antioxidant on frozen semen quality and fertility rate of native chickens (Leung Hang Kao)
Ponchunchoovong, S;  Takpukdeevichit, S.;

The effect of supplementation protected fish oil on quality of freeze–thawing sperm of Moghani ram
Vahedi, V.; Moradi, F.; Hedayat-Evrigh, N.

Impact of FCS-free culture media on cloned bovine embryo development
Ivask, M.; Nõmm, M.; Pärn, P.; Jaakma, Ü.; Kõks, S.

Low molecular weight metabolites as possible new tool for selecting bovine in vitro produced embryos
Nõmm, M.; Porosk, R.; Pärn, P.; Soomets, U.; Jaakma, Ü.; Kõks, S.; Kilk, K.

Effect of male and cooled storage time in the sperm motility rate and kinetics in Boer male goats
Sadeghi, S.; Del Gallego, R.; Pérez-Baena, I.; Peris, C.; Vázquez, S.; Gómez, E.A.; Silvestre, M.A.

Different patterns of sperm motility of fluorescent sperm subpopulations in bull
Yániz, J.L.; Soler, C.; Santolaria, P.

A new multi-parametric fluorescent test of sperm quality in bull
Yániz, J.L.; Soler, C.; Santolaria, P.

Engineering of Gallinacean oviduct cells using electroporation and lipofection
Debowska, M.; Bednarczyk, M.; Stadnicka, K.

The effect of training set on accuracy of genomic estimated breeding value
Behmaram, R.

Gaps and Potentials of Dairy bulls testing in Tunisia
Arjoune, A.; Hamrouni, A.; Khalifa, M.; Djemali, M.