Session 49. Transgenerational effect of nutrition (feeding of mother, effect on offspring)

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Theatre Session

Periconceptional diet and epigenetic programming of offspring health and productivity
K.D. Sinclair

Effects of cow milk protein genotypes on health, growth and β-casomorphin-7 level in the offspring
L.G. Hohmann, H. Schweizer, T. Yin, I.J. Giambra, S. Koenig and A.M. Scholz

Can we alter the microbial composition in bovine colostrum through the dry period ration?
I. Van Hese, K. Goossens, L. Vandaele and G. Opsomer

Effects of improved early life nutrition on miRNA and mRNA expression in testes of the bull calf
S. Coen, K. Keogh, P. Lonergan, S. Fair and D. Kenny

Milk composition and productive performance from dairy goats fed with sunflower and rapeseed oils
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, N. Camilla Pedersen, R. Dhakal and H.H. Hansen

Effect of the dietary calcium level on the performances and bones’ resorption in of lactating sows
A. Samson, C. Launay, E. Janvier, F. Payola and E. Schetelat

Sex-specific transgenerational effects of maternal diet type and spirulina supplementation in pigs
R. Lugarà, R. Bruckmaier and K. Giller

Dry grape extract supplementation in sows improves colostrum quality and piglets’ performances
P. Engler, D. Bussières, A. Demortreux, N. Paisley and A. Benarbia

Poster Session

Maternal subnutrition increases antioxidant defences during peri-implantation period in beef cattle
B. Serrano-Pérez, A. Carbonell, A. Noya, I. Casasús, A. Sanz, I. López-Helguera, J. Álvarez-Rodríguez, E. Molina and D. Villalba

In utero undernutrition affects heifer growth, follicle and metabolic traits but not age at puberty
A. Sanz, I. Casasús, J. Ferrer, L. López De Armentia and A. Noya

Vitamin A regulates myoblast hyperplasia and myogenesis in bovine stromal vascular cell
X.C. Jin, D.Q. Peng, J.S. Park, W.S. Kim, Y.H. Jo, J.H. Lee, B.M. Kim, J. Ghassemi Nejad, J.S. Lee and H.G. Lee

Energy level and milking frequency at dry-off do not affect colostrogenesis in dairy cows
M. Larsen, M.B. Samarasinghe and L.E. Hernández-Castellano

Does dam nutrition during prepubertal phase affect muscle gene expression in male foetal progeny?
J.M. Clariget, K. Keogh, A.K. Kelly and D.A. Kenny

Effect of maternal Solanum glaucophyllum intake on suckling piglet growth and muscle gene expression
K. Giller and I.D.M. Gangnat

Influence of in utero undernutrition on beef heifer performance up to their first lactation
A. Noya, I. Casasús, J. Ferrer, L. López De Armentia and A. Sanz