Session 50. Human health and animal products

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. De Marchi / A. Kuipers


Theatre Session 50

Is a world without meat realistic?
Invited Hocquette, J.F.; Mollier, P.; Peyraud, J.L.

Genetic enhancement of meat fatty acid profiles in beef cattle
Roehe, R.; Nath, M.; Duthie, C.-A.; Ross, D.W.; Coleman, L.W.; Auffret, M.D.; Dewhurst, R.J.

Fatty acids profiles of food resources in the northern rivers determine the quality of salmonids
Murzina, S.A.; Nefedova, Z.A.; Pekkoeva, S.N.; Nemova, N.N.

Dairy ingredients and human health – application in lifestyle nutrition including infant formula
Invited Fenelon, M.

Total antioxidant activity of milk from different dairy species
Niero, G.; De Marchi, M.; Penasa, M.; Cassandro, M

Mutations affecting milk quality and associations with production traits in Holstein Friesian cattle
Mullen, M.P.; Ratcliffe, L.; Mcclure, J.; Kearney, F.; Mcclure, M.

Fatty acid composition in milk of local versus main high producing cattle breeds
Vangen, O.; Åby, B.A.; Olesen, I.; Meås, A.

Fresh forage dietary inclusion effects on dairy cows milk nutritional properties
Righi, F.; Quarantelli, A.; Renzi, M.; Revello Chion, A.; Tabacco, E.; Battelli, G.; Giaccone, D.; Borreani, G.

Fatty acid profile of milk from cows fed diets based on fresh-cut white clover
Stergiadis, S.; Hynes, D.N.; Thomson, A.L.; Kliem, K.E.; Berlitz, C.G.B.; Günal, M.; Yan, T.

Effect of Vitamin and Mineral Premix Withdrawal Two prior Slaughtering from Diet on Meat Quality and
Rezaie Koochaksaraie, R.E.Z.A.; Dastar, B.E.H.R.U.Z.


Posters session 50

Analysis of intensively fattened Romanov and Dorper lambs meat chemical composition
Kairisa, D.; Barzdina, D.

The effect of supplement CoSO4 feeding of honey bee families on royal jelly composition
Balkanska, R.B.;R.; Ignatova, M.I.;M.

Changes required in milking equipment cleaning practices to ensure low chlorine residues in milk
Gleeson, D.; O’ Brien, B.; Paludetti, L.

Effects of chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) on performance blood and micro flora of broilers
Bouyeh, M.; Akbari Chalaksari, M.; Ashrafi Toochahi, S.

Effect of chitosan silkworm pupae skin subtitution of formalin toward storability of tofu
M. Kusharto, C.; Firdaus Alghifari Atmadja, T.