Session 50. Novel developments of milk removal in conventional, automated and cow-calf contact systems

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Theatre Session

Back to the future: re-introduction of cow-calf contact into dairy farming requires new knowledge
K. Barth

Strategies for keeping dairy cows and calves together on European farms
H. Eriksson, N. Fall, A. Priolo, M. Caccamo, A. Michaud, D. Pomies, B. Fuerst-Waltl, R. Weissensteiner, C. Winckler, A. Spengler Neff, A. Bieber, C. Schneider, T. Sakowski, M. Stachelek, S. Ivemeyer, C. Simantke, U. Knierim and K. Alvåsen

Calf or grass if the cow gets to choose?
E. Ternman, M. Hellström and H. Eriksson

Evaluating bonding and maternal behaviour of Swedish dairy cows in a cow-calf-contact system
E. Svensson, E. Verbeek, S. Agenäs and D. De Oliveira

Effects of two different separation strategies on AMS milk production in a cow-calf contact system
J. Sørby, S. Ferneborg, J.F. Johnsen and S.G. Kischel

Effects of two weaning and separation methods on milk yield of dams nursing their calf
K. Barth, A. Vogt, U. König Von Borstel and S. Waiblinger

End-of-milking fat content in a cow-calf contact system with automatic milking
S. Ferneborg, J.F. Johnsen and J. Sørby

The cow and the machine – developments, interactions and test methods
M.D. Rasmussen

Teat end hyperkeratosis and milking induced change in teat wall thickness in a cow-calf system
J. Dahlberg, J. Lilja and S. Agenäs

Prestimulation or milk flow adjusted vacuum and pulsation settings to optimize milking efficiency?
M. Tuor, B. Jenni, O. Wellnitz and R.M. Bruckmaier

Physiological considerations for optimal control of vacuum level during milking
D.J. Reinemann and C.O. Paulrud

Teat cup detachment affects milking characteristics in AMS with cleaning and milking in the same cup
I. Lüdi and R.M. Bruckmaier

Poster Session

Milking permission and performance on a pasture based automatic milking system
B. O’ Brien and P. Silva Bolona

Relationship between cows’ daily milk yield and daily rumination time in an automatic milking system
L.T. Cziszter, S.E. Erina, S. Baul, V.P. Vancea, R.I. Neamț, D. Gavojdian and D.E. Ilie

Flow-adjusted automatic stimulation versus standard pre-milking routines
M. Wiedemann and C.O. Paulrud