Session 51. Nutrition, intestinal health and immunity

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Tsiplakou


Theatre Session 51

Diet affects the dominance of antimicrobial resistant genes in the rumen microbial community of cows
Auffret, M.D.; Duthie, C.A.; Rooke, J.A.; Freeman, T.C.; Dewhusrt, R.J.; Watson, M.; Roehe, R

Fatty acid supplementation in transition goats: a transcriptional study related to inflammation.
Farina, G.; Invernizzi, G.; Perricone, V.; Agazzi, A.; Cattaneo, D.; Loor, J.J.; Savoini, G.

Effects of Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 on porcine immune cells
Kreuzer-Redmer, S.; Wöltje, N.; Larsberg, F.; Hildebrandt, K.; Brockmann, G.A.

Effect of zinc oxide and chlortetracycline on antibiotic resistance development in piglets
Romeo, A.; Durosoy, S.; Vahjen, W.; Zentek, J.

Impact of GOS delivered in ovo on microbiota and intestinal gene expression in broiler chickens
Slawinska, A.; Radomska, M.; Lachmanska, J.; Tavaniello, S.; Maiorano, G.

Transcriptomic modulation of adult broiler chickens after in ovo delivery of Lactobacillus synbiotic
Dunisławska, A.; Sławińska, A.; Bednarczyk, M.; Siwek, M.

Effects of maternal wheat bran supplementation on microbiota and intestinal parameters of piglets
Leblois, J.; Massart, S.; Wavreille, J.; Li, B.; Bindelle, J.; Everaert, N.

Pre-weaning nutrient supply affects gene expression profiles in bone marrow and muscle in calves
Leal, L.N.; Hooiveld, G.J.; Soberon, F.; Berends, H.; Boekschoten, M.V.; Steele, M.A.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Martín-Tereso, J.

Early nutrition of fattening lambs modifies bacterial community and lymphocytes of the ileum
Frutos, J.; Andrés, S.; Benavides, J.; Santos, A.; Rozada, F.; Santos, N.; Giráldez, F.J.

The effects of using mix oil herbal extracts in broiler diet on growth performance and immune system
Abdullah, A.Y.; Khalifeh, M.; Kridli, R.T.; Al Kasbi, M.S.

Synbiotics as gut health improvement agents against Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in piglets
Kim, B.R.; Shin, J.W.; Choi, S.Y.; Gamo, M.E.S.; Lee, J.H.; Guevarra, R.B.; Hong, S.H.; Shim, M.K.; Kang, J.S.; Cho, W.T.; Cho, K.J.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, H.B.

Use of Bovikalc® calcium boluses and their effect on peri-parturient cow health
Scholz, H.; Ahrens, A.

Effect of the sea buckthorn berry marc extract on the health indices of calves with nutritional problems
Liepa, L.; Zolnere, E.; Dūrītis, I.

Blood clinical chemistry parameters and growth performance in post-weaning piglets
Hu, Q.; Faris, R.; De Oliveira, J.; Melchior, D.


Posters session 51

Investigation of bacterial diversity in the feces of Hanwoo steers fed different diets
Kim, M.; Jeong, J.Y.; Lee, H.J.; Baek, Y.C.

Influence of Olive Cake Introduction to Feed on Urine and Blood pH for Baladi Female Goats
Mehanna, N.; El Balaa, R.

Effect of dietary lipase supplementation on energy utilization of broiler chicken
Mahmoud, K.Z.; Al-Younis, W.M.; Al-Azzah, A.Y.

Diurnal variation of blood metabolites in young calves fed a high plane of milk replacer
Berends, H.; Ghaffari, M.H.; Macpherson, J.A.R.; Steele, M.A.