Session 51. Organic production of milk and meat

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Theatre Session

Current use of contentious inputs in European organic animal production
S. Athanasiadou, C. Chylinski, B. Moeskops, D. Michie, C. Experton, H. Steinshamn, F. Leiber and V. Maurer

Perception of organic livestock farmers about the organic farming situation in Europe
C.L. Manuelian, F. Righi, S. Valleix, H. Bugaut, B. Fuerst-Waltl, N. Katsoulas, L. Da Costa, S. Burbi, M. Penasa and M. De Marchi

Mineral concentrations in milk from organic and conventional dairy herds in the South England
S. Stergiadis, N. Qin, G. Faludi, S. Beauclercq, J. Pitt, N. Desnica, A. Petursdottir, E.E. Newton, A. Angelidis, D.I. Givens, D. Humphries, H. Gunnlaugsdottir and D. Juniper

NMR spectroscopy as a tool to discriminate between organic and conventional cow milk
M. Franzoi, M. Ghetti, G. Meoni, L. Tenori, P. Turano, C. Luchinat, V. Vigolo, M. Penasa and M. De Marchi

Plant feed additives as natural alternatives to synthetic antioxidant vitamins in organic livestock
F. Righi, R. Pitino, M. Simoni, C.L. Manuelian, M. De Marchi and E. Tsiplakou

Revision of vitamin E recommendations for ruminants in organic agriculture
H. Steinshamn and F. Leiber

Scutellaria baiacalensis extract: effects on intake, health status and performances of beef cattle
M. Simoni, C.L. Manuelian, A. Goi, E. Tsiplakou, M. De Marchi and F. Righi

Organic pig and poultry farmers’ attitudes towards ration planning
S. Hoischen-Taubner, M. Krieger, L. Blume and A. Sundrum

Amino acid supply of slow- and fast-growing female turkeys in organic production
S. Göppel, P. Weindl, B. Thesing, C. Wild, C. Lambertz, E. Schmidt and G. Bellof

Effect of 100% organic feeding on performance, carcass composition and fat quality of fattening pigs
N. Quander-Stoll, D. Bautze, W. Zollitsch, F. Leiber and B. Früh

From the lab to the farm: using a multi-actor approach to foster sustainable parasite control
S. Athanasiadou, C. Chylinski, A. Allamand and V. Maurer

Anthelmintic efficacy of heather extracts against ovine gastro-intestinal nematodes
F. Shepherd, C. Chylinski, M. Hutchings, R. Kelly, A. MacRae, J.-P. Salminen, V. Maurer, H. Steinshamn, S. Fittje, A. Morell Perez and S. Athanasiadou

Duddingtonia flagrans: a promising biocontrol agent for gastrointestinal nematodes
V. Maurer, S. Athanasiadou, T. Oberhänsli, F. Shepherd, S. Thüer and S. Werne

Poster Session

Requirement recommendations for riboflavin in organic broilers
F. Leiber, N. Quander-Stoll, H. Ayrle, Z. Amsler, V. Maurer, J. Leopold, K. Damme and C. Lambertz

Animal health and welfare planning for European organic dairy herds – development and expansion
M. Walkenhorst, V. Maurer, S. Athanasiadou, K. Still, D. Yanez-Ruiz, A. Fauriat, E. Chemin, O. Tavares and C. Experton

In vitro testing of plant extracts and essential oils as antimicrobials in organic farming
G. Grandi, C. Spadini, M. Iannarelli, M. De Marchi, C.L. Manuelian, R. Pitino, M. Simoni, C.S. Cabassi and F. Righi

Evaluating the impact of essential oils on bovine mammary alveolar tissue cells in vitro
C. Chylinski, O. Tavares, C. Experton, A. Fauriat and S. Athanasiadou

Selecting botanicals for mastitis control: efficacy and safety characterization of essential oils
O. Tavares, C. Experton, A. Fauriat, M. Guiadeur, D. Bellenot, E. Chemin, P. Sulpice and B. Lemaire