Session 52. Alternative versus traditional feed protein sources

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: S. De Campeneere


Theatre Session 52

Nutritive value of seaweed species and extracted seaweed in animal diets
Bikker, P.; Van Wikselaar, P.; Huijgen, W.J.J.; Van Krimpen, M.M.

Methionine absorption in the porcine GIT affected by dietary methionine sources.
Romanet, S.; Mastrototaro, L.; Pieper, R.; Zentek, J.; Htoo, J.K.; Saremi, B.; Aschenbach, J.R.

Sainfoin as a replacement of alfalfa: nutritive value and performances in the rabbit
Legendre, H.; Gombault, P.; Hoste, H.; Routier, M.; Bannelier, C.; Gidenne, T.

Cardoon meal as a novel alternative feed: effect on performance and ruminal microbiome in lambs
Salami, S.A.; Valenti, B.; Luciano, G.; O’grady, M.N.; Kerry, J.P.; Newbold, C.J.; Priolo, A.

The effect of using DDGS for different periods on feedlot performance and meat quality of lambs
Karaca, S.; Erdoğan, S.; Güney, M.; Çakmakçı, C.; Sarıbey, M.; Kor, A.

Supplementary carbohydrate source alters rumen nitrogen metabolism of beef heifers
Kirwan, S.; Boland, T.M.; Kelly, A.K.; Gath, V.; Rajauria, G.; Pierce, K.M.

Effects of a high forage diet on production and metabolism in early lactation dairy cows
Karlsson, J.; Spörndly, R.; Patel, M.; Holtenius, K.

Does feeding extruded linseed to dairy cows improve reproductive performance? A large-scale observational study
Meignan, T.; Madouasse, A.; Chesneau, G.; Bareille, N.

How high is herbage intake of organic rabbits grazing fescue or sainfoin?
Legendre, H.; Goby, J.P.; Le Stum, J.; Martin, G.; Gidenne, T.

Consumer expectations regarding the production of hay and pasture-raised milk in South Tyrol
Busch, G.; Ortner, J.; Gauly, M.

Dairy cow milk protein responses to digestible lysine and methionine in the new INRA feeding system
Lemosquet, S.; Delaby, L.; Sauvant, D.; Faverdin, P.

Confounding effect of intake on milk protein yield response to change in NEL and MP supply
Daniel, J.B.; Friggens, N.C.; Van Laar, H.; Sauvant, D.

Performance of dual-purpose types in comparison to layer hybrids fed a by-product diet
Mueller, S.; Messikommer, R.E.; Kreuzer, M.; Gangnat, I.D.M.

Utilisation of low crude protein high fibre diets containing bentonite clay in weanling pigs.
Akinde, D.; Adeseyinwa, A.; Fatufe, A.; Ajayi, E.; Adebiyi, O.


Posters session 52

Dehydrated pelleted sainfoin for the growing rabbit: first results from intake and growth test.
Tudela, F.; Laurent, M.; Hoste, H.; Routier, M.; Gombault, P.; Gidenne, T.

Performance of rabbit does provided with a lactation diet based on white lupine (cv. Zulika)
Volek, Z.; Uhlířová, L.; Marounek, M.

Replacement of soybean meal with sesame meal improves lactating performance of Awassi ewes
Obeidat, B.S.; Aljamal, A.E.

Effect of dried corn distillers grains plus solubles, in late gestation ewes diets
Erdoğan, S.; Karaca, S.; Güney, M.; Kor, A.; Çakmakçı, C.; Sarıbey, M.

Effect of nutritional component and AFNs on in vitro gas production assessed by PCA
Primi, R.; Danieli, P.P.; Bani, P.; Ronchi, B.

Effect of sunflower meal vs. dried distillers’ grains with solubles on rumen environment conditions
Yossifov, M.R.