Session 52. Joint EAAP/ADSA session ‘Future of housing for cattle’ – part 2

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Theatre Session

Climate-Care-Cattle farming systems: introduction and first results of the CCC farming project
P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp, P.J. Galama and A. Kuipers

Consumer acceptance and willingness to pay for cow housing systems in eight EU countries
M. Waldrop, M. Klopčič and J. Roosen

The future of dairy calf housing: group housing systems and the use of precision technologies
J.H.C. Costa, M. Cantor, M.M. Woodrum Setser and H.W. Neave

How to reduce GHG emission – latrine training of dairy calves
N. Dirksen, J. Langbein, L. Schrader, B. Puppe, D. Elliffe, K. Siebert, V. Röttgen and L. Matthews

Phenotypic and genomic analyses of microscopic differential cell counts in compost bedded pack barns
K. Brügemann, P. Wagner, T. Yin, P. Engel, C. Weimann and S. König

Characteristics of solid manure from freewalk housing compared to slurry, and appreciation by farmer
J.C. Van Middelkoop, W. Van Dijk and P.J. Galama

Individual cow methane emissions in freewalk farming systems and associations with breeding traits
L. Fehmer, J. Herold, P. Engel and S. König

Innovations in bedded pack barns
Y. Sprecher and P.J. Galama

Towards dairy housings providing animal welfare and reduced ammonia emissions
S. Schrade, K. Zeyer, F. Hildebrandt, J. Mohn and M. Zähner

RCT shows living space impacts the reproductive and yield performance of housed dairy cows
J.S. Thompson, C. Hudson, R. Robinson, N. Bollard, K. Woad, J. Huxley, J. Kaler and M.J. Green