Session 53. Good health of pigs and poultry: increasing robustness through feeding and management – part 2

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Theatre Session

Nematode infections in chickens: impact and challenges
G. Das

In vitro evaluation of the anthelmintic potential of plant extracts against Ascaridia galli
I. Poulopoulou, L. Palmieri, E. Martinidou, S. Martens, P. Fusani, B. Siewert, V. Temml, M.J. Horgan, H. Stuppner and M. Gauly

Immunomodulatory and performance-enhancing effects of dietary resin acids in broiler chickens
H. Kettunen, S. Vartiainen, K. Vienola, J. Apajalahti and J. Vuorenmaa

Assessment of the capacity of sepiolitic clay (E 563) to adsorb aflatoxin B1 in poultry diets
Z. Amanzougarene and J.I. Tolosa

Impact of black soldier fly larvae oil in slow growth broiler diet on breeding and meat parameters
M. Bézagu, C. Phan Van Phi, C. Crepelle, M. Bournaison, L. Warin, E. Pampouille, M. Walraven and M. Lefranc

In ovo modulation of ‘muscle health’ with synbiotics – effect on vascularization and myopathies
J. Bogucka, M. Stanek and K. Stadnicka

Panel discussion
P. Trevisi

Poster Session

Impact of feeding oregano, sage and lavender essential oils on broiler gut microbiota community
I. Skoufos, E. Bonos, I. Giannenas, K. Fotou, A. Tsinas, A. Nelli, A. Katrachouras, E. Sidiropoulou, L. Chatzizisis and A. Tzora

Probiotics potential and microencapsulation of lactic acid bacteria as potential source for poultry
M. Dumitru, I. Sorescu, D. Vodnar, S. Elemer, G. Ciurescu and M. Habeanu

The impact of tributyrin and essential oils on broiler chicken cecum microbiota populations
E. Bonos, I. Skoufos, K. Fotou, S. Skoufos, A. Karamoutsios, A. Nelli, A. Mpakolas, A. Tsinas, I. Giannenas and A. Tzora

The effect of hatching system on serum diamine oxidase levels in chicks
I. Dieryck, J. De Backere and J. Paeshuyse

Evaluation of the current model for environmental risk assessment of antibiotics in the EU
R. Haupt, C. Heinemann, M. Guse and J. Steinhoff-Wagner

Standardized natural essential oils prove their repellent effect on chewing lice
H. Bui, C. Vandenbossche, I. Chiu, M.A. Benarbia and P. Chicoteau

Saponins and citroflavonoids reduced growth of Histomonas meleagridis in vitro
M.E.A. Benarbia, P. Engler and P. Chicoteau