Session 53. Resilience: immunology, breeding and stress reduction

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Das


Theatre Session 53

Resistance vs tolerance to pathogens: back to basics?
Invited Kyriazakis, I.; Lough, G.; Doeschl-Wilson, A.B.

Genetic background of resistance, tolerance and resilience traits in dairy cattle
Invited König, S.

The variance of daily milk production as predictor for health and resilience in dairy cattle
Mulder, H.A.; Elgersma, G.G.; Van De Linde, R.; De Jong, G.

Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Rectal Temperature in Holstein under Heat Stress in Beijing
Xu, W.; Yan, X.; Cao, L.; Zhang, H.; Dong, G.; Zom, R.; Van Der Fels, J.B.; Li, X.; Wang, Y.

Selection for feed efficiency and its consequences on fertility and health in Austrian Fleckvieh
Köck, A.; Ledinek, M.; Gruber, L.; Steininger, F.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.; Egger-Danner, C.

Dairy cow robustness in fluctuating environments via trade-off analysis of life functions
Barreto Mendes, L.; Rouel, J.; Dumont, B.; Martin, B.; Ferlay, A.; Blanc, F.

Microbial colonization is essential for proper development of the gut immune system in chickens
Invited Kaspers, B.; Lettmann, S.; Härtle, S.; Röll, S.; Schusser, B.; Schouler, C.; Velge, P.

The effect of environmental challenge on health and gut microbiota profiling in growing pigs
Guan, X.; Schot, C.; Van Baarlen, P.; Molist, F.

Betaine improves performance and breast development and reduces rectal temperature in broiler chickens during heat stress
Shakeri, M.; Cottrell, J.J.; Wilkinson, S.; Dunshea, F.R.

Response of three divergent chicken genotypes to the most common nematode infections
Stehr, M.; Metges, C.C.; Daş, G.

Serum IL10 provides separable resilience and tolerance traits in chicken response to coccidiosis
Boulton, K.; Bush, S.; Lawal, R.; Psifidi, A.; Nolan, M.J.; Freem, L.; Wu, Z.; Eory, L.; Hawken, R.; Abrahamsen, M.; Hanotte, O.; Tomley, F.M.; Blake, D.P.; Hume, D.A.


Posters session 53


Response to nematode infections in a high and a lower performing layer chicken genotype
Stehr, M.; Metges, C.C.; Grashorn, M.; Daş, G.

Genome-wide association study of humoral immunity in chicken using Bayesian analysis
Motamed, H.; Ehsani, A.; Torshizi, R.V.

Effects of creatine and/or betaine on performance of heat-stressed broiler chicks
Al-Tamimi, H.; Mahmoud, K.; Bani-Khalaf, H.

MHC-B Variability in the Finnish Landrace Chicken Conservation Program
Honkatukia, M.S.; Berres, M.E.; Kantanen, J.; Fulton, J.E

Effect of peri-implantational undernutrition on interferon stimulated gene expression in beef cattle
Molina, E.; Serrano-Pérez, B.; Noya, A.; López-Helguera, I.; Sanz, A.; Casasús, I.; Villalba, D.

Effect of heat stress on metabolic and antioxidant responses in periparturient dairy cows
Turk, R.; Rošić, N.; Vince, S.; Flegar-Meštrić, Z.; Perkov, S.; Barbić, L.J.; Samardžija, M.

Effect of breed and pre-weaning diet on the response of beef calves to abrupt weaning
Casasús, I.; Yuste, S.; Ferrer, J.; De Vega, A.; Fondevila, M.; Blanco, M.

Milk yield and composition in dairy goats with different serostatus to SRLVs, PTB and CpHV1
Pilo, C.E.; Puggioni, G.; Bitti, M.; Pazzola, M.; Piazza, G.; Murtino, A.P.; Vacca, G.M.; Ponti, N.

Association analysis between serological response to SRLVs and PTB with milk traits in Sarda ewes
Ponti, N.; Puggioni, G.; Pira, E.; Dettori, M.L.; Paschino, P.; Pala, G.; Pazzola, M.; Vacca, G.M.

Gene expression signatures in bone marrow-derived dendritic treated with prebiotic and probiotic
Slawinska, A.; Plowiec, A.; Dunislawska, A.; Siwek, M.; Zukowski, K.; Derebecka, N.; Wesoly, J.; Bluyssen, H.

Toll-like receptor signaling by prebiotic and probiotic in chicken macrophage-like cell line
Slawinska, A.; Plowiec, A.; Dunislawska, A.; Siwek, M.; Zukowski, K.; Derebecka, N.; Wesoly, J.; Bluyssen, H.