Session 54. Insects in a circular economy

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: T. Veldkamp / J. Eilenberg


Theatre Session 54

Insects as feed
Invited Dicke, M.

Life-cycle assessment of insects in circular economy
Invited Halloran, A.M.S.; Roos, N.; Hanboonsong, Y.; Bruun, S.

Some views on insects and livestock providing nature based solutions for a circular bio economy
Van Duinkerken, G.; Sebek, L.B.J.

Vegetable by-products bioconversion for protein meals production through Black Soldier Fly larvae
Meneguz, M.; Schiavone, A.; Gai, F.; Bressan, E.; Dama, A.; Dabbou, S.; Renna, M.; Malfatto, V.; Lussiana, C.; Zoccarato, I.; Gasco, L.

Nitrogen-to-protein conversion factors
Lakemond, C.M.M.; Janssen, R.H.; Vincken, J.-P.; Van Den Broek, L.A.M.; Fogliano, V.

Larvae of Black Soldier Fly upcycle pig manure into highly valuable fat and proteins on the farm
Van Linden, V.; De Koker, J.; De Boever, J.; Pieters, J.

Potential of insects-based diets for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Belghit, I.; Pelusio, N.F.; Biancarosa, I.; Liland, N.; Waagbø, R.; Krogdahl, Å.; Lock, E.-J.

Manipulation of Tenebrio molitor unsaturated fatty acid content using a variety of feed oils
Tetlow, E.R.; Parr, T.; Hardy, I.C.W.; Essex, C.; Greenhalgh, C.; Salter, A.M.

Partially defatted black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) meal in piglets’ nutrition
Bressan, E.; Gai, F.; Schiavone, A.; Dabbou, S.; Brugiapaglia, A.; Perona, G.; Meneguz, M.; Dama, A.; Zoccarato, I.; Gasco, L.

Highly defatted insect meal in Siberian sturgeon juveniles feeds
Gasco, L.; Schiavone, A.; Renna, M.; Lussiana, C.; Dabbou, S.; Meneguz, M.; Malfatto, V.; Prearo, M.; Bonaldo, A.; Zoccarato, I.; Gai, F.

Hermetia illucens meal in poultry nutrition: effect on productive performance and meat quality
Schiavone, A.; Sirri, F.; Petracci, M.; Montagnani, M.; Dabbou, S.; Meneguz, M.; Zoccarato, I.; Gai, F.; Gasco, L.

Poster Presentations Insects
Veldkamp, T.; Eilenberg, J.

Effects of feeding substrate on greenhouse gas emissions during black soldier fly larval development
Sandrock, C.; Walter, C.; Wohlfahrt, J.; Krauss, M.; Amelchanka, S.L.; Berard, J.; Leiber, F.

Posters session 54

Growth of Cambodian field crickets (Teleogryllus testaceus) fed weeds and agricultural by-products
Miech, P.; Berggren, Å.; Lindberg, J.E.; Chhay, T.; Khieu, B.; Jansson, A.

Finishing diets in insect farming, a preliminary study on yellow mealworm and superworm larvae
Biancarosa, I.; Zilensk, K.; Belghit, I.; Lock, E.-J.

let’s make the future fly
De Craene, N.; Jacobs, J.

Insect Value Chain in a Circular Bioeconomy (inVALUABLE)
Eilenberg, J.; Heckmann, L.H.; Gianotten, N.; Hannemann, P.; Jensen, A.N.; Norgaard, J.V.; Roos, N.; Bjerrum, L.

Metagenomics analysis of gut microbiota of herbivorous insects Bombyx mori
Shin, J.W.; Kim, B.R.; Choi, S.Y.; Gamo, M.E.S.; Lee, J.H.; Guevarra, R.B.; Hong, S.H.; Shim, M.K.; Jung, S.O.; Kim, H.B

Amino acid contents of field crickets fed chicken feed, cassava tops and a weed.
Håkansson, G.; Miech, P.; Lindberg, J.E.; Berggren, Å.; Chhay, T.; Khieu, B.; Jansson, A.

The beginning of a new Neolithic Revolution? Honeybees for proteins
Martinez, J.J.I.; Benjamin, O.; Jonas-Levi, A.

Inventory of The Red Wiggler and Vermicast Production in Turkey
Yilmaz, O.