Session 54. Sheep and goats management and reproduction

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Theatre Session

SheepNet: the technical and practical knowledge reservoir to increase EU sheep productivity
T.W.J. Keady, C. Morgan-Davies, I. Beltrán De Heredia, A. Carta, D. Gavojdian, S. OcAk and J.M. Gautier

Response to male effect in two Greek indigenous sheep breeds, Karagouniko and Florina
I.A. Giantsis, G. Symeon, D. Antonopoulou and M. Avdi

Factors influencing the short term ovarian response of milking Lacaune ewes to the male effect
N. Debus, E. Laclef, A. Lurette, M. Alhamada, A. Tesniere, E. González-García, J.B. Menassol and F. Bocquier

Oestrus and fertility responses in ewes treated with modified Ovsynch and progesterone therapy
H.O. Nafriya, H. Singh, R. Dutt and L.C. Ranga

Influence of heat synchronization and feeding programs on reproductive performances of Awassi sheep
P. Jarrouj, S. Wehbe, K. Hosheimy and R. El Balaa

Development of diagnostic tests for subclinical mastitis in sheep at the point of care
D. Vassilakos, E. Dalaka, A.I. Kalogianni, M. Moschovas, A.I. Gelasakis, I. Politis and G. Theodorou

Evaluation of a multi-actor farm team in prudent use of antibiotics in French and Greek dairy sheep
E. Royer, A. Mavrommatis, F. Leen, L. Delaisse, E. Tsiplakou, H. Ferreira and G. Zervas

The use of olive cake by-product in ruminant diets
O. Tzamaloukas, M.C. Neofytou, P.E. Simitzis, D. Sparaggis and D. Miltiadou

Influence of synchronisation protocols and feeding programs on vaginal flora of Awassi sheep
S. Wehbe, P. Jarrouj, K. Hosheimy, C. Iskandar and R. El Balaa

Effect of the presence of adult companion animals on rumen microbial colonization in goat kids
J.M. Palma-Hidalgo, E. Jimenez, A.I. Martin-Garcia, D.R. Yanez-Ruiz and A. Belanche

Ultrasound measurements of eye muscle depth in rams of two sheep breeds in Slovenia
M. Bizjak, G. Gorjanc and M. Simčič

Inclusion of sainfoin in the fattening concentrate: performance and carcass traits of light lambs
C. Baila, M. Joy, M. Blanco, I. Casasús, G. Ripoll and S. Lobón

Poster Session

How omega 3 enriched diets of sheep affect the microbiota of produced kefalograviera cheese
A. Tzora, E. Bonos, I. Giannenas, K. Fotou, A. Karamoutsios, A. Nelli, E. Sidiropoulou, D. Lazari, K. Grigoriadou and I. Skoufos

Seasonal variation of Selenium, manganese, zinc and copper concentration in milk of Sarda dairy ewes
M.F. Guiso, G. Battacone, L. Canu, M. Deroma, I. Langasco, G. Sanna, G. Pulina and A. Nudda

The effect of concentrate supplementation on grazing or housed lamb carcass and meat quality
A. Cividini

Evaluation of Avocado (Persea americana, Laureceae) by-products for Ruminants Feeding
I. Martín-García, A. Belanche, J.M. Palma-Hidalgo, P. Romero and D.R. Yáñez-Ruiz

Does carob inclusion in lambs diet affect rumen parakeratosis and faecal dry matter digestibility?
J. Pelegrin-Valls, B. Serrano-Pérez, M.J. Martín-Alonso, E. Molina and J. Álvarez-Rodríguez