Session 55. Sustainable Insect Chain (H2020 SUSINCHAIN)

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Theatre Session

Barriers and risks for large-scale commercialization of insect proteins for food and feed in Europe
F. Alleweldt, S. Kara, H.H. Niyonsaba, J. Höhler, H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, M.P.M. Meuwissen, B.A. Rumpold, M. Nikravech, N. Langen, M. Peters, R. Zanoli and A.I.A. Costa

Upscaling insect rearing: key results and future prospects
D. Deruytter, C.L. Coudron, J. Van Schelt, G. Zorzetto, J. Krause, G. Marklewitz, A. Wegereef, M. Dudek, P. Gobbi, D.A. Peguero, A. Mathys, M. Camara-Ruiz, S. Rojo, C. Steinhausen, J.L. Rukov, A.B. Jensen and M. Van Der Borght

Insect processing technologies investigated in the H2020 project SUSINCHAIN
L. Van Campenhout, D. Vandeweyer and M. Van Der Borght

‘Insects in animal feed’: structure, aims and preliminary results of digestibility trials
L. Gasco, E.-J. Lock, S. Chatzifotis, A. Jansman, A. Schiavone and T. Veldkamp

Insects for food: can insect-based food products be part of a regular dinner in Europe?
N. Roos, L. Aquilanti, M. Van Der Borght, I.E. Chiriac, L.M. Cunha, R. Flore, C. Maya, A. Osimani, M. Peters, J.L. Rukov, Y. Sun, D. Vanderweyer, T. Veldkamp and A.I.A. Costa

Safety of insect for feed and food investigated in the H2020 project SUSINCHAIN
H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, E.F. Hoek-Van Den Hil, N. Meijer, D. Vandeweyer, L. Van Campenhout and M. Bosch

Building economic and environmental optimization model of sustainable insect chains
S. Smetana, S.M. Hossaini, D.A. Peguero, A. Green, A. Mathys, A. Tonda and V. Heinz