Session 56. Free communication in cattle

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Date: 31 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Klopčič / Y. Montanholi


Theatre Session 56

Changes of the wither height over 15 years in the Hungarian Grey cattle
Maróti-Agóts, Á.; Fürlinger, D.; Bodó, I.; Baracskay, L.; Kaltenecker, E.; Gáspárdy, A.

Lactation Curves Parameters Estimation by Season of Calving for Holstein Dairy Cattle in Tunisia
Khalifa, M.; Hamrouni, A.; Arjoune, A.; Djemali, M.

Use of mushroom laccase for reducing aflatoxin contamination of maize flour destined to dairy cows
Scarpari, M.; Della Fiora, L.; Dall’asta, C.; Angelucci, A.; Bigonzi, L.; Parroni, A.; Fanelli, C.; Reverberi, M.; Loncar, J.; Zjalic, S.

Palmitic acid feeding increases ceramide synthesis, milk yield, and insulin resistance in dairy cows
Rico, J.E.; Mathews, A.T.; Mcfadden, J.W.