Session 56. Free communications: Crossbreeding – Conservation of local breeds

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Theatre Session

Genomic predictions of crossbred dairy cows based on breed of origin of alleles
J.H. Eiriksson, K. Byskov, J.R. Thomasen, G. Su and O.F. Christensen

Predicting of the purebred-crossbred genetic correlation using marker data in parental lines
P. Duenk, P. Bijma, Y.C.J. Wientjes and M.P.L. Calus

Comparing growth and feed intake in pure- and crossbred heifers fed different energy concentrations
K. Johansen, L. Hein, P. Spleth, M. Vestergaard, H.M. Nielsen and M. Kargo

Simulation study on rotational crossbreeding and advanced OCS methods in dairy cattle
J. Stock, H. Esfandyari, D. Hinrichs, R. Wellmann and J. Bennewitz

Simulating common breeding schemes for local and mainstream Red dairy cattle breeds across Europe
M. Slagboom, H. Liu, C. Schmidtmann, J.R. Thomasen and M. Kargo

Impact of kinship matrix in genomic optimum contribution selection on allelic diversity in cattle
E. Gautason, G. Sahana, B. Guldbrandtsen and P. Berg

Performance of genomic selection conducted from different base populations
D. Bersabé, B. Villanueva, A. Caballero, M.A. Toro and J. Fernández

Using high-density SNP data to unravel the origin of the Franches-Montagnes horse breed
A.I. Gmel, R. Von Niederhäusern, A. Ricard, V. Gerber and M. Neuditschko

Genome wide association studies of growth traits in grazing Rasa Aragonesa ewes
K. Lakhssassi, C. Meneses, P. Sarto, J.H. Calvo and M. Serrano

Poster Session

Polymorphisms at leptin and pituitary transcription factor genes in four beef cattle crossbreeds
I. Nicolae, D.E. Ilie, D. Gavojdian and R.I. Neamt

Use of crossbreeding with Angus and Belgian Blue bulls in dairy herds
D. Gavojdian, I. Nicolae and M. Mincu

Strengthening the added value of rare breeds in Poland
E. Sosin and A. Chełmińska

Possibilities of meat use of autochthonous breed beef the Polish Red
K.K. Wiśniewski and B. Kuczyńska