Session 58. Animal behaviour: from horses to hens

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Theatre Session

New methodological approaches in ethology: social information in equine movement gestalt
C. Wyss, C.D. Dahl, K. Zuberbühler and I. Bachmann

Do horses perform social referencing with their owner?
H. Sutter, S. Briefer Freymond, A.-L. Maigrot and I. Bachmann

Do rider-horse pairs have similar personality traits?
S. Briefer Freymond, A. Maigrot, H. Sutter, C. Chariatte and I. Bachmann

The relationship between upper body motion and vertical ground reaction forces in trotting horses
C. Roepstorff, A. Gmel, S. Arpagaus, F.M. Serra Bragança, L. Roepstorff and M.A. Weishaupt

Head and neck position and behaviour in ridden elite dressage horses in warm-up and test situation
K. Kienapfel-Henseleit, L. Piccolo, R. Reulke, D. Rueß and I. Bachmann-Rieder

Mixing feed in compost increases use but not cleanliness of rooting areas for growing-finishing pigs
M. Knoll, E.A.M. Bokkers, C. Leeb, C. Wimmler, H.M.-L. Andersen, R. Thomsen, B. Früh and M. Holinger

Effect of sudden noises on gestating sows’ behaviour
C. Gaillard and M. Durand

Is a short observation period sufficient for behavioural studies?
T. Wilder, J. Krieter, N. Kemper and K. Büttner

Health and behaviour of dairy calves reared with milk from bucket versus mother during four months
A. Bieber, M. Walkenhorst, R. Eppenstein, J.K. Probst, S. Thuer, C. Baki and A. Spengler Neff

Differences in pecking behaviour between conventional layer hybrids and dual-purpose hens
L. Rieke, B. Spindler, I. Zylka, N. Kemper and M.F. Giersberg

Poster Session

Analysis of biological pathways related to behaviour in Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
N. Moravčíková, R. Kasarda, L. Vostrý, H. Vostrá-Vydrová, J. Vašek and D. Čílová

The use of elevated platforms and perches in different heights by pullets during rearing
A. Riedel, S. Käslau, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

A pain assessment method for goat kids based on the Grimace scale-
C. Trujillo-Ortega, L.E. Hernández-Castellano, S. Martín-Martell, A. Argüello and N. Castro