Session 60. European collaboration in research towards sustainable pig production

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Theatre Session

Sustainable pig production systems: the SusPigSys system approach
S. Dippel, M. Gębska, S. Hörtenhuber, C. Hubbard, C. Leeb, K. De Roest, H. Spoolder, A. Valros and The Suspigsys Team

Improving pig production: a whole system approach – insights and proposals from PigSys
B. Sturm, N. Quiniou, L. Brossard, K.H. Jeppsson, K. Myllerup, A. Zacepins, S. Müller, G. Pexas, A. Nasirahmadi, V. Komasilovs, A.C. Olsson, K. Dominiak, S. Raut, F. Udesen, M. Marcon and S. Edwards

PEGaSus: Phosphorus efficiency in pig and chicken – An animal-centred view on the phosphorus cycle
M. Oster, H. Reyer, C. Mulvenna, D. Fornara, E. Ball, H.D. Poulsen, N. Ekane, A. Rosemarin, L. Arata, A. Chakrabarti, P. Sckokai, E. Magowan and K. Wimmers

Sustainability in pork production with immunocastration
V. Stefanski, M. Aluwe, M. Čandek-Potokar, P. Ingenbleek, E. Kostyra, E. Labussiere, H. Maribo, S. Millet, M. Skrlep, A. Van Den Broeke, M. Vrecl, S. Zakowska-Biemans and The Susi Team

PIGWEB: an infrastructure for experimental research for sustainable pig production
J. Van Milgen, S. Millet, R. Westin, C. Larzul, C. Kaya, J.V. Nørgaard, C.C. Metges and G. Bee