Session 62. Joint EAAP/ADSA session ‘Future of housing for cattle’ – part 3

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Theatre Session

Dairy cattle housing and management for warm climates
A. De Vries and I.M.M. Toledo

Performances of mechanical ventilation in dairy farms
B. Fagoo

Comfort assessment through different ear positions in Murrah buffalo calves
S. Jamwal, P.J. Singh, M.L. Kamboj, R. Rajneesh and R. Rath

The effect of floor type on the performance and behaviour of housed finishing beef steers
C.E. McGettigan, M. McGee, E.G. O’Riordan, A.K. Kelly and B. Earley

Antibiotic use in cubicle and freewalk housing systems from 2005 to 2017 in the Netherlands
A. Kuipers and P.J. Galama

Compost bedding pack barns compared to conventional cubicle housing – a multi-criteria analysis
V. Kvakkestad, G. Lien and K.A. Hovstad

Project FreeWalk highlights and policy implications
M. Klopčič, P.J. Galama, I. Blanco Penedo, L. Leso, K. Bruegemann, E. Ofner-Schroeck, M. Waldrop, K. Hovstad, J. Tomka and A. Kuipers

Effect of the temporal evolution of compost-bedded pack performance and microbial counts in dairy cows
L. Llonch, A. Ferret and L. Castillejos

Developments in cattle housing in Brazil
F.A. Damasceno