Session 63. Metabolism, oxidative stress and immune function

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Theatre Session

Rumen bolus containing 1,25(OH)2D3-glycosides for prevention of hypocalcaemia in dairy cows
M. Meyer, C. Ollagnier, L. Eggerschwiler, K. Bühler, M. Meylan and P. Schlegel

Characterization of immune and redox system crosstalk in the intestinal tract of suckling lambs
J. Pelegrin-Valls, J. Álvarez-Rodríguez, M.J. Martín-Alonso, C. Baila, S. Lobón, M. Joy and B. Serrano-Pérez

MiRNAs in milk exosomes are differentially expressed based on the health status of the mammary gland
E. Scarsella, M. Cintio, A. Zecconi and B. Stefanon

Scutellaria baicalensis extract reduced mammary epithelial cell apoptosis in milk of dairy cows
L. Nicolas, P. Roussel, P. Debournoux, R. Resmond, A. Le-Mouel, A.C. Dall Orsoletta, A. Steen, F. Robert and M. Boutinaud

Pegbovigrastim injections altered the immunometabolic state of cows when administered at dry off
J.M. Strickland, J.L. De Campos, P.L. Ruegg and L.M. Sordillo

Associations among fertility, mRNA expressions and profiles of cytokines in endometritic buffaloes
H. Singh, P.S. Brar, D. Deka, N. Singh and A.K. Arora

Sperm motility and plasma membrane stability rely on aquaporins function in boar sperm capacitation
A. Delgado-Bermúdez, S. Recuero, A. Sandu, I. Barranco, J. Ribas-Maynou and M. Yeste

The role of oxidative stress and autophagy in meat quality defects
L. González-Blanco, V. Sierra, Y. Diñeiro, M.J. García, A. Coto-Montes and M. Oliván

Effects of different levels of milk replacer for 14 weeks on mammary gland development in heifers
K.D. Seibt, T. Scheu, C. Koch, M.H. Ghaffari and H. Sauerwein

Poster Session

The effect of inclusion rate of concentrates and exogenous butyrate on stomach measurements in sheep
S. Świerk, M. Przybyło, R. Miltko, J. Flaga, E. Molik and P. Górka

Bioavailability of three different rumen undegradable methionine sources in dairy cows in vivo
A. Kihal, M.E. Rrodriguez-Prado and S. Calsamiglia

Mitochondrial activity during satellite cell differentiation in piglets
K. Stange, A. Vincent, I. Louveau, M.H. Perruchot, M. Rontgen and F. Dessauge

Expression of selected miRNAs and their common target genes in dairy cows’ mammary gland parenchyma
E. Bagnicka, E. Kawecka-Grochocka, M. Zalewska, M. Rzewuska, T. Sakowski, K. Pawlina-Tyszko and T. Ząbek

In vivo bioavailability estimates of different rumen-protected lysine products for dairy cattle
A. Kihal, C. Marques, M.E. Rodriguez-Prado and S. Calsamiglia

In vivo bioavailability of rumen-protected methionine supplement in lactating dairy cows
F. Francia, A. Kihal, A. Belaid, M.E. Rodriguez-Prado and S. Calsamiglia

Ketotic hepatocytes are less resistant to effect of zearalenone on expression of glucose metabolism
J. Barć, O. Lasek and Z.M. Kowalski

Single nucleotide polymorphisms density in bovine genomes reveals their role in the immune response
M. Frąszczak, P. Grzesiak, M. Mielczarek and J. Szyda