Session 64. Sustainable Insect Chain (H2020 SUSINCHAIN)

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Theatre Session

Barriers, risks, and opportunities for scaling up the European insect value chain
H.H. Niyonsaba, J. Höhler, H.J. Van Der Fels – Klerx, F. Alleweldt, S. Kara, R. Zanoli, A.I.A. Costa, M. Peters and M.P.M. Meuwissen

The pH of wetfeed: does it influence the growth of Tenebrio molitor larvae?
J. Claeys, D. Deruytter and C. Coudron

Transporting mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) eggs: the effect of temperature and relative humidity
D. Deruytter, C.L. Coudron and J. Claeys

Optimising transport conditions for A. domesticus nymphs and eggs
C. Steinhausen, J. Rukov, A. Bruun Jensen and A. Lecocq

Vacuum packaging as storage and transport strategy for living or killed black soldier fly larvae
D. Vandeweyer, D. Lachi, D. Deruytter, M. Van Der Borght and L. Van Campenhout

Horizontal transfer of food pathogens from substrate to insects during rearing
D. Vandeweyer, D. Lachi, L. Van Moll, E. Gorrens, J. De Smet and L. Van Campenhout

Texturization potential and microbial safety of fresh-frozen insects within high-moisture extrusion
L. Leonhardt, V. Lammers and S. Smetana

Pretreatment strategies to improve insect processing for use as protein rich animal feed ingredient
D.A. Peguero, M. Gold, C. Zurbrügg and A. Mathys

Apparent digestibility of different batch of Hermetia illucens meals for rainbow trout
C. Caimi, F. Gai and L. Gasco

In vivo and in vitro digestibility of black soldier fly larvae meal in Atlantic salmon
G. Radhakrishnan, M.S. Silva, R. Matos, P. Araujo, E.J. Lock, P.A.J. Prabhu and I. Belghit

The nutritional composition of insect-based products for dinners in Europe
C. Maya, L. Aquilanti, M. Van Der Borght, I.E. Chiriac, R. Flore, A. Osimani, M. Peters, J.L. Rukov, Y. Sun, D. Vanderweyer, T. Veldkamp and N. Roos

LCA modelling strategies and approaches to insect chains
S. Hossaini, R. Spykman and S. Smetana

Multi-objective optimization for sustainable insect chains
A. Tonda, A. Green, S.M. Hossaini, A. Mathys, D.A. Peguero and S. Smetana

Poster Session

Effects of abiotic factors on viability of BSF eggs: preliminary results for improving egg transport
J. Krause, G. Zorzetto, M. Camara-Ruiz, S. Rojo, P. Gobbi and M. Dudek