Session 66. Interaction between host genetics and gastro-intestinal tract microbiota genetics

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Theatre Session

Interplay between host genetics and the dynamics of the gut microbiota in pigs
C. Rogel-Gaillard, J. Estellé, M. Borey and C. Larzul

Gut microbiome information enables additional discovery in genome-wide association studies in pigs
F. Tiezzi and C. Maltecca

The microbial metabolome and its role in intramuscular fat deposition
A. Zubiri-Gaitán, A. Blasco and P. Hernández

The rumen microbiota is modified in lambs divergently selected for residual feed intake
Q. Le Graverand, F. Tortereau, A. Meynadier, D. Marcon and C. Marie-Etancelin

Breed differences in microbial composition associated with growth and carcass composition in pigs
C. Maltecca, Y. He and F. Tiezzi

Bovine genomes influenced ruminal microbiome composition related to conjugated linoleic acid in beef
M. Martínez-Álvaro, C.-A. Duthie, J. Mattock, R.J. Dewhurst, M.A. Cleveland, M. Watson and R. Roehe

Microbiome and genetic contribution to the phenotypic variation of digestive efficiency in pig
V. Déru, F. Tiezzi, C. Carillier-Jacquin, B. Blanchet, L. Cauquil, O. Zemb, C. Maltecca, A. Bouquet and H. Gilbert

Microbiability and microbiome-wide associations with feed efficiency and performance traits in pigs
A. Aliakbari, O. Zemb, C. Barilly, Y. Billon and H. Gilbert

Effect of heat stress on faecal microbiota composition of gestating sows and of the female offspring
A.M. Serviento, D. Renaudeau, M. Castex and O. Zemb

Multi-ome analysis to predict feed efficiency in pigs
L.M.G. Verschuren, A.J.M. Jansman, J. Van Milgen, O. Zemb, M.S. Hedemann, R. Bergsma and M.P.L. Calus

Swine growth and carcass traits predicted in nucleus purebred using microbial information collected
C. Maltecca and F. Tiezzi

Poster Session

Estimation of genetic parameters for ruminal bacteria in Lacaune dairy ewes
G. Martinez Boggio, A. Meynadier, C. Allain and C. Marie-Etancelin

Ruminal metabolism study of dairy ewes to link the ruminal microbiota and milk quality
S. Fresco, C. Marie-Etancelin, A. Meynadier, C. Allain and G. Martinez Boggio