Session 67. Challenges and novel metrics of multi objective tools at farm/ regional level

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Theatre Session

Assessing livestock systems – how indicators, system boundaries and methods may influence results
A. Muller

Combining farm-level modelling and environmentally-extended input-output analysis in beef production
M.P. Dos Santos, T.G. Morais, T. Domingos and R.F.M. Teixeira

Environmental, economic and social metrics to enhance the sustainability of livestock systems
A. Aubry, R. McGuire, J. Birnie, N. Scollan and S. Morrison

Emergy analysis of the sustainability of mountain grazing livestock systems
E. Muñoz-Ulecia, A. Briones-Hidrovo, A. Bernués, I. Casasús and D. Martín-Collado

A refined method for calculating ruminant Livestock Units to improve farm performance analysis
M. Benoit and P. Veysset

Challenges and novel metrics of multi-dimensional tools at farm/regional level
L. Puillet

Livestock production within planetary boundaries: the need to look beyond the farm
C. Pfeifer

Sustainability assessment of farms using SALCAsustain methodology
A. Roesch

EcoCliCk – a web-based tool to transfer knowledge of GHG mitigation costs
A. Karer, V. Karger, A. Reindl and M. Zehetmeier

Social-media friendly dashboards for communicating trade-offs related to animal production systems
F. Accatino

Discussion on challenges and future research needs of models and tools applied to LFS
M. Zehetmeier

Poster Session

Assessment of the non-return rate using a codification of the insemination suitability
L. Von Tavel, S. Buri, S. Wegmann, J. Berger and M. Kirchhofer