Session 68. PLF MIR tools to monitor cows’ welfare in particular the freedom from disease, hunger and stress (in collaboration with HappyMoo project)

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Theatre Session

HappyMoo project – using milk mid-infrared spectrum to predict dairy cows’ welfare status
J. Leblois, C. Bertozzi, M. Calmels, L. Dale, C. Grelet, C. Lecomte, L. Mirabito, M.-N. Tran, V. Vanden Dries, A. Werner, V. Wolf, F. Dehareng and HappyMoo Consortium

Detecting welfare status in a milk sample: effects of housing modifications on milk spectra
M. Bahadi, D. Warner, A.A. Ismail, D.E. Santschi, D.M. Lefebvre, R. Duggavathi and E. Vasseur

Identification of dairy cows chronic stress biomarkers
C. Grelet, V. Vanden Dries, J. Leblois, J. Wavreille, L. Mirabito, H. Soyeurt, S. Franceschini, N. Gengler, Happymoo Consortium and F. Dehareng

Heat stress assessments in dairy cattle based on milk MIR spectral data
H. Amamou, M. Mahouachi, A. Werner, N. Gengler, J. Bieger, K. Drössler, H. Hammami, HappyMoo Consortium and L.M. Dale

‘MastiMIR’ an early warning system based on MIR spectra
L.M. Dale, M. Hoenen, E.J.P. Strang, K. Drössler, J. Bieger, HappyMoo Consortium and A. Werner

Predicting mastitis with somatic cell count, differential somatic cell count and milk MIR spectra
L. Rienesl, M. Marginter and J. Sölkner

#Freenotypes: extracting added value from routine milk recording using deep learning
S.J. Denholm, W. Brand, M. Busfield, A.P. Mitchell, A.T. Wells, T. Krzyzelewski, S.L. Smith, E. Wall and M.P. Coffey

Prediction of dry matter intake of dairy cows across multiple countries and production systems
A. Tedde, C. Grelet, P.N. Ho, J.E. Pryce, D. Hailemariam, Z. Wang, G. Plastow, N. Gengler, E. Froidmont, F. Dehareng, C. Bertozzi and H. Soyeurt

HappyMoo – dairy cows lameness prediction through milk mid-infrared spectral analysis
M.-N. Tran, L. Dale, N. Gengler, M. Jattiot, J. Leblois, D. Matthews, U. Schuler, HappyMoo Consortium and M. El Jabri

Multiple breeds and countries predictions of mineral contents from milk mid-infrared spectrometrie
O. Christophe, C. Grelet, C. Bertozzi, D. Veselko, C. Lecomte, P. Höckels, A. Werner, F.-J. Auer, N. Gengler, F. Dehareng and H. Soyeurt

Developing quantitative traits related to animal health status using a holistic big data approach
S. Franceschini, C. Grelet, C. Bertozzi, N. Gengler, Gpluse Consortium and H. Soyeurt

Genetic parameters for milk urea in dual-purpose Belgian Blue cows
H. Atashi, C. Bastin, Y. Chen, S. Vanderick, H. Wilmot and N. Gengler

Poster Session

Predictive ability of MIR Spectra for detecting non-coagulating milk of Sarda ewes
G. Gaspa, F. Correddu, A. Cesarani, A. Pauciullo and N.P.P. MacCiotta