Session 71. Good practices and strategies in dairy farming

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Theatre Session

Grass silage for dairy cows: impact of harvest stage on yield, value, production and income
V. Brocard, E. Tranvoiz and E. Cloet

Environmental cost analysis in organic Dehesa farms (SW Spain)
A. Horrillo, M. Escribano, P. Gaspar and C. Díaz-Caro

Farmer and consumer attitudes towards utilizing composting bedding materials from cattle barns
M. Klopčič, M.E. Waldrop, A. Kuipers and J. Roosen

Styrian agriculture – the past as a window to the future
R. Mayer, E. Reisinger, T. Pichler and J. Lämmerer

The whole and the parts – effects of impaired animal health on farms’ economic viability
S. Hoischen-Taubner, J. Habel, A. Sundrum, E. Schwabenbauer, V. Uhlig and D. Möller

Assessing nitrogen use efficiency through blood and milk 15N enrichment in grazing dairy cows
T. Haak, A. Münger, K.-H. Südekum and F. Schori

Relationship between proxies of nitrogen use efficiency for dairy cows in early lactation
Y. Chen, C. Grelet, S. Vanderick and N. Gengler

Influence of inbreeding on milk production and fertility traits in Swiss Holstein cows
A. Burren, M. Wyss, T. Neuenschwander and H. Joerg

Elevated vaginal and reticular temperature, and heart rate indicate early heat stress in dairy cows
S. Ammer, A. Haase, S. Hoffmann, A. Pontiggia, A. Münger, R.M. Bruckmaier, M. Holinger, F. Dohme-Meier and N.M. Keil

Positive health-related effects of offering veal calves warm water from 1 to 3 months of age
T. Jarltoft and M. Vestergaard

Efficiency of an essential oil-based mixture to cure clinical mastitis in dairy cows
M. Guiadeur, N. Ballot, D. Bellenot, V. Hardit, P. Sulpice, L. Jouet, A. Fauriat and V. David

Poster Session

Economic value of milkability in Czech Holstein
Z. Krupová, M. Wolfová, E. Krupa, E. Kašná and L. Zavadilová

Ecobreed – the economic value of a cow as selection criterion
S.H.S.I. Schlebusch

NIRS potential for the prediction of feed efficiency in organic grazing dairy cows
S. Ampuero Kragten, T. Haak, K.-H. Südekum and F. Schori

Better lactation start in dairy cattle with a protected standardised grape extract supplementation
P. Engler, P. Roussel, L.S. Druhet, P. Caillis, M. Prezelin, J.M. Lamy and A. Benarbia

Consequences of hyperketolactia in early lactation dairy cows
Z.M. Kowalski, M. Sabatowicz, R.J. Van Saun, W. Jagusiak, W. Młocek and M. Spanghero

KetoMIR as a new indicator trait for subclinical ketosis and its use in herd management
A. Köck, L. Dale, A. Werner, M. Mayerhofer, F.J. Auer and C. Egger-Danner

How to manage dairy cattle indoor-feeding period with insufficient grass silage stocks?
A. Palmio, S. Kajava and A. Sairanen

Breeder’s preferences in the choice of AI bulls at herd level
J. Braun, S. Gfeller, S. Buri, F. Schmitz-Hsu, S. Wegmann, H. Signer-Hasler and C. Flury

Inbreeding rate in the conservative population of Red Polish cattle
P. Topolski and E. Sosin

Relationship between cows’ activity and the level of inbreeding
P. Topolski, K. Zukowski and A. Zarnecki

A retrospective evaluation of production performance of Butana cattle kept in researech stations
E.A.M. Omer, S. Addo, M.-K.A. Ahmed and D. Hinrichs

Feeding concentrated colostrum ensures sufficient uptake of IgG in newborn Holstein calves
T. Jarltoft, C.B. Jessen, M.B. Samarasinghe and M. Vestergaard

Comparison of performances of 7 models to predict enteric methane emissions usable for dairies
S. Mendowski, V. Chatellier, M. Tournat, O. Garcia and G. Chesneau

Experiences with GPS sensors for dairy / suckler cows on Slovenian Alpine pastures
M. Klopčič, M. Hahn, J. Steinfeld and K. Klopčič

Land use conflict between farmers and herdsmen – implication for rural development
M.A. Oke

The incidence and management of bovine cystic ovarian disease in dairy herds across Atlantic Canada
S. Morgan, S. Dukeshire and D. Barrett