Session 72. Methods and technologies for research and smart nutrition management in dairy and beef cattle

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Theatre Session

SmartCow: integrating research infrastructures to support innovation in European cattle breeding
R. Baumont, M. O’Donovan, R. Dewhurst, P. Lund, B. Kuhla, R. Carelli, C. Reynolds, C. Martin and I. Veissier

Using N more efficiently in cattle production systems – challenges and opportunities
C. Reynolds, Z. Barker, L. Crompton, P. Lund, J. Dijkstra, R. Dewhurst, P. Nozière, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar and R. Baumont

Prediction of between-animal variation in N use efficiency in dairy cows from isotopic N signatures
M. Correa-Luna, M. Johansen, P. Nozière, A.R. Bayat, L.A. Crompton, C.K. Reynolds, E. Froidmont, N. Edouard, P. Lund, C. Martin and G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar

Digestibility and intake become repeatable traits in young bulls with at least 7 days of measurement
R. Bellagi, R. Baumont, L. Salis, S. Alcouffe, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar and P. Nozière

Milk mid-infrared spectra to estimate rumen fermentation parameters
A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, S. Herremans, K. Nichols, B. Khula, M. Eugène and C. Martin

Methane emission, microbiome and immune function in dairy cattle
P. Niu, U. Gimsa, P. Pope, B. Kuhla and A. Schwarm

Detection of complex animal traits from data provided by activity sensors
I. Veissier, M.M. Mialon, R. Lardy, B. Meunier, M. Bouchon, L. Munskgaard, M. Terre, A. Valldecabres, K. Van Reenen, I. Van Dixhoorn and R. De Mol

Can a virtual cow model help precision feeding in dairy cattle?
C. Gaillard and O. Martin

Prediction of total feed intake of dairy cows using a portable near-infrared microspectrometer
D. Perez-Marin, I. Torres, L. Munksgaard and F. Maroto-Molina

Evaluation of strategies for feed efficiency phenotyping in the Norwegian red dairy cattle
A. Ehsani, H. Storlien, J. Jenko, H. Melbø Tajet, I. Pocrnić, J. Obšteter and G. Gorjanc

Which methodology to study the effect of farming practices on cheese sensory properties?
E. Manzocchi, I. Verdier-Metz, C. Delbès, C. Bord, M. Bouchon, J. Berard, M. Coppa and B. Martin

Poster Session

Mapping of cattle infrastructures, equipment and sample banks within the SmartCow consortium
M. O’Donovan, E. Kennedy, P. Ryan and P. Madrange

Encouraging research complementarities through mapping of cattle research infrastructures in Europe
P. Madrange, E. Kennedy, P. Ryan, C. Melis, R. Baumont and M. O’Donovan

Towards common standards, guidelines for measurement and data management in cattle research
B. Kuhla, S.D. Mesgaran, A. Aubin, C. Hurtaud and R. Baumont

Transnational access to leading cattle research facilities within the EU SmartCow project
R.J. Dewhurst, P. Lund and R. Baumont

Titanium dioxide as digestibility marker – between and within cow variation in faecal concentrations
G. Giagnoni, P. Lund, M.R. Weisbjerg and M. Johansen

Influence of measurement method of methane on the performances of faecal NIRS models in cattle
D. Andueza, F. Picard, Y. Rochette, J. Pourrat, A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, D. Morgavi and C. Martin

Can we identify low CH4 emitter dairy cattle by their milk carbon isotopic signatures?
G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, M. Correa-Luna, C. Chantelauze, Y. Rochette, P. Pourazad, M. Bouchon and C. Martin

Investigating components of cow breath with potential for rumen diagnostics
R.J. Dewhurst

Effects of diet protein concentration on digestion and N balance of dairy cows over 3 lactations
L. Crompton, D. Humphries, A. Jones, A. Thomson, J. Moorby, D. Roberts, T. Misselbrook, A. Del Prado and C. Reynolds

The effect of a molasses based liquid feed on fibre digestion, nitrogen utilisation and rumen pH
G.M. Chapman, P. Holder, C.K. Reynolds and D.J. Humphries

Impact of physically effective fibre on chewing, nitrogen balance, and performance of lactating cow
R. Heering, N. Selje-Aßmann, R. Baumont and U. Dickhoefer

Validation of eating duration assessment from automatic feeder systems
E. Ternman, M. Terré, M. Bouchon, B. Meunier, L. Munksgaard and I. Veissier

Definition of indicators of activity from data provided by wearable sensors in dairy cattle
I.D.E. Van Dixhoorn, R.M. De Mol, J.T.N. Van Der Werf, C.G. Van Reenen, L. Munksgaard, M. Terre, I. Veissier, M.M. Mialon, B. Meunier and M. Bouchon

Evaluation of strategies for summarizing acceleration data to monitor calving in rangeland systems
A. Bugueiro Domingo, J. Navarro García, I. Gómez Maqueda, M. Gaborit, F. Launay, C.C. Pérez Marín, D.C. Pérez Marín and F. Maroto Molina

Daily activity budget of beef cows under occasional feed restriction periods throughout lactation
K. Orquera, M. Blanco, J. Ferrer and I. Casasús

Evaluation of the ingestive behaviour of the dairy cow under two systems of rotation with slope
E. Castro Muñoz, G.F. Da Silva Neto, A.L.H. Andriamandroso, L. Ron, C. Montufar, F. Lebeau and J. Bindelle

Effects of phytogenic feed additives on performance and enteric methane emissions in dairy cattle
P. Pourazad, C. Martin, M. Bouchon, Y. Rochette, T. Aumiller, T. Aubert and K. Wendler

Chewing activity and rumen pH of cows adapting to a high grain diet with phytogenic supplementation
R. Rivera-Chacon, S. Ricci, N. Reisinger, Q. Zebeli and E. Castillo-Lopez

Effect of origin and quantity of starch on in vitro digestibility and acidogenicity of cow diets
P. Micek, Z.M. Kowalski, T. Szufnara and T. Gajówka

Long-term effect of feeding a potentiated ZnO source on milk profile and serum Zn in dairy cows
M. Terré, D. Cardoso, D. Sabrià, N. Prat, E. Paran and A. Piñon

Effect of type of silage and concentrate on eating behaviour and relation to enteric methane
G. Giagnoni, M. Johansen, P. Lund and M.R. Weisbjerg