Session 73. Next generation in animal nutritional science (Young Scientists Session)

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Theatre Session

Dietary tannins affect differently cow milk fatty acid profile according to grazing season
R. Menci, A. Natalello, M. Caccamo, G. Luciano, B. Valenti, A. Priolo and M. Coppa

Effect of nanocurcumin and fish oil as natural anti-inflammatory compounds on calves’ performance
S. Kamel Oroumieh, L. Van Meulebroek, R. Valizadeh, L. Vanhaecke and A.A. Naserian

Effect of the administration of a high sugar diet on beef cattle growth performance and rumen health
S. Grossi, L. Rossi and C.A. Sgoifo Rossi

Feed restriction affects protein and microRNA levels in dairy cows’ milk
A. Leduc, S. Le Guillou, L. Bianchi, M. Gelé, L. Herve, P. Martin, J. Pires, Y. Faulconnier, C. Leroux, M. Boutinaud and F. Le Provost

Co-expression of miRNAs in rumen fluid and tissue in cattle transitioned to high-grain diet
S. Ricci, R.M. Petri, C. Pacífico, A. Sener-Aydemir, R. Rivera Chacon, E. Castillo Lopez, N. Reisinger, Q. Zebeli and S. Kreuzer-Redmer

Evaluation of miRNAs in the plasma and leucocytes of cattle fed forage or high-grain diets
O.E. Ojo, C. Pacifico, S. Johanns, S. Ricci, R. Rivera-Chácon, A. Sener-Aydemir, R.M. Petri, E. Castillo- Lopez, N. Reisinger, Q. Zebeli and S. Kreuzer-Redmer

Effect of Ceratonia siliqua on coccidian faecal egg count and dry matter of faeces in light lambs
J. Pelegrin-Valls, B. Serrano-Pérez, D. Villalba, E. Molina, B. Aquilué and A. Álvarez-Rodríguez

Plasmatic and ruminal metabolomes of lambs divergently selected on residual feed intake
F. Touitou, A. Meynadier, N. Marty-Gasset, N. Vialaneix, G. Lefort and F. Tortereau

Effect of inclusion of concentrates and exogenous butyrate on rumen wall development in sheep
S. Świerk, M. Przybyło, R. Miltko, J. Flaga, E. Molik and P. Górka

Tetraselmis sp. incorporation in the post-weaning piglet diets: effects on productive performance
A.A.M. Chaves, C.F. Martins, D.M. Ribeiro, D.F. Carvalho, R.J.B. Bessa, A.M. Almeida and J.P.B. Freire

Influence of fish oil in gestation and lactation diets on faecal microbiota of lactating piglets
E. Llauradó-Calero, E. Climent, E. Chenoll, I. Badiola, A.M.P. De Rozas, R. Lizardo, D. Torrallardona, E. Esteve-Garcia and N. Tous

An alternative in vitro model to investigate immunomodulatory functions of feed additives in chicken
F. Larsberg, M. Sprechert, D. Hesse, G.A. Brockmann and S. Kreuzer-Redmer

The effect of linseed oil on in vitro fermentation kinetics using horse caecal fluid as inoculum
A. Waliczek, A. Kidane and R.B. Jensen

Relationship between CH4 measured with sniffer method and dry matter intake in dairy cows
S. Mohamad Salleh, R. Danielsson, C. Kronqvist and J. Karlsson

A new integrative mathematic approach to study metabolic trajectories of grazing dairy cows
E. Jorge-Smeding, M. Carriquiry, H. Naya, A. Mendoza and A.L. Astessiano

Skills and knowledge expected by MSc students and professionals in animal sciences
C. Schreck, Y. Le Cozler, J. Flament, L. Montagne and S.P. Parois

Perspectives for the animal nutrition higher education, employment, and research
A. Baldi