Session 74. Omics in animal nutrition and physiology (the European joint doctorate program Molecular Animal Nutrition “MANNA”)

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Theatre Session

Designing a metabolomics approach for identification of novel biomarkers in animal science
R. Birkler, L. Morgan, S. Shaham Niv, T. Wachsman and E. Gazit

The C3 gene as a potential mediator of metabolic status and reproductive development in bull calves
K. Keogh, S. Coen, P. Lonergan, S. Fair and D.A. Kenny

NMR spectroscopy reveals seminal plasma metabolites as sperm quality/functionality biomarkers in pig
Y. Mateo-Otero, P. Fernández-López, J. Ribas-Maynou, J. Roca, J. Miró, M. Yeste and I. Barranco

Prediction of bull fertility based on the sperm methylome
V. Costes, A. Chaulot-Talmon, E. Sellem, J.P. Perrier, A. Aubert, L. Jouneau, C. Pontlevoy, C. Hozé, S. Fritz, M. Boussaha, C. Le Danvic, M.P. Sanchez, D. Boichard, L. Schibler, H. Jammes, F. Jaffrézic and H. Kiefer

Transcriptomic profiling and functional assessment of omega-3 fatty acids in porcine enterocytes
T.S. Sundaram, C. Giromini, R. Rebucci, A. Baldi, M. Bhide and J. Pistl

Preliminary application of dynamic proteomics to study broiler chicken growth and health status
J. Peinado-Izaguerri, M. McLaughlin, D. McKeegan, F. Riva, M. Bain, M. Bhide and T. Preston

Machine learning tracking immune-related proteins in serum of periparturient dairy cows
A. Veshkini, M. Bonnet, H. Hammon, L. Vogel, A. Tröscher, M. Delosière, A. Delavaud, D. Viala, H. Sauerwein and F. Ceciliani

Intramammary infection with non-aureus staphylococci modifies water buffalo milk lipidome
F. Ceciliani, M. Audano, M.F. Addis, C. Lecchi, M.H. Ghaffari, M. Albertini, F. Tangorra, E. De Carlo, D. Vecchio, G. Cappelli, D. Di Vuolo, R. Piccinini, D. Caruso, N. Mitro and V. Bronzo

Altered serum proteomes in newly weaned piglets born from the sows receiving a low ratio of ω6:ω3
T.X. Nguyen, A. Gelemanović, S. McGill, S. Weidt, M. Piñeiro, A. Agazzi, P.D. Eckersall, R. Burchmore and G. Savoini

Muscle proteomics of pre-weaned piglets from sows fed with extreme ω-6/ω-3 fatty acid ratio diets
Y.J.Y. Manaig, G. Savoini, A. Agazzi, S. Panseri, J.M. Folch and A. Sanchez

Impact of the ratio of ω6:ω3 fatty acids in the maternal diet on milk pig exosome proteome profiles
R. Furioso Ferreira, T. Blees, F. Shakeri, A. Buness, M. Sylvester, A. Agazzi, G. Savoini, V. Mrljak and H. Sauerwein

Milk-derived exosomes modulate porcine monocyte immune function
G. Ávila, D. De Leonardis, J. Filipe, R. Furioso Ferreira, A. Agazzi, M. Comi, H. Sauerwein, C. Lecchi and F. Ceciliani

In vitro immunomodulatory effects of PUFA on porcine monocytes
G. Ávila, S. Di Mauro, J. Filipe, D. De Leonardis, C. Gini, A. Agazzi, M. Comi, C. Lecchi and F. Ceciliani

The role of citrus and cucumber diets in chicken gut microbiota profile using 16s rRNA sequencing
F. Riva, D. McGuinness, D. McKeegan, J. Peinado-Izaguerri, G. Bruggeman, D. Hermans, M. McLaughlin, D. Eckersall and M. Bain

Poster Session

Impact of NGS data trimming on differential gene expression analysis
M. Kołomański, M. Frąszczak and M. Mielczarek

Effect of enhanced early life nutrition on the anterior pituitary transcriptome of heifer calves
K. Keogh, A.K. Kelly and D.A. Kenny

Major urinary protein knockout leads to lipid accumulation in young male but not in female mice
S. Greve, G.A. Kuhn and K. Giller

Differentiation of intramuscular preadipocytes in low marbling beef cattle
B. Soret, J.A. Mendizabal, A. Arana and L. Alfonso

Impacts of body condition score on reproductive performance and overall productivity of beef cows
R.F. Cooke and F.N.T. Cooke

Idiopathic male subfertility in a Holstein Friesian AI bull: a case study
E. O’Callaghan, M. Stiavnicka, C. O’Meara, B. Eivers, D.A. Kenny, S. Fair and P. Lonergan

The effect of pasteurization in the expression of bovine milk microRNA
L. Abou El Qassim and L.J. Royo Martín